Here Are The Cars of Digital Creator Nina Drama


The Car collection of model Nina Drama

Nina Drama is a popular American Instagram Influencer, Model, YouTuber and Digital Creator. She is loved by her audience for her cute looks and content. She has over 1 Million followers on Instagram and 174K Subs on YouTube. Nina has also been featured in the Playboy Magazine. The 33 years old has an estimated net worth of $3 Million. So let’s have a look at The Cars of Nina Drama.

Tesla Model X $110,000
Audi RS3$65,000

1. Tesla Model X

Inside EV’s

The Model X is an impressive all-electric SUV that combines luxury with sustainable technology. With its dual motor all-wheel drive, the Model X offers incredible acceleration and handling. It boasts a range of up to 360 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for long-distance journeys. The Model X can seat up to seven passengers comfortably and features Falcon Wing doors for easy access. Its advanced Autopilot capabilities and large touchscreen display elevate the driving experience to new heights.

2. Audi RS3

Top Gear

Audi RS3 is a high-performance compact German sedan that packs a punch. Powered by a 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine, it produces an impressive 394 horsepower. The RS3 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds, showcasing its exhilarating speed. With its sporty styling, refined interior, and advanced technology, the RS3 offers a thrilling driving experience. Its Quattro all-wheel drive system ensures exceptional traction and handling, making it a standout choice for driving enthusiasts.

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