Here’s Why John Cena’s 1969 MGC GT Is An Ultimate Car

We all are aware of how magnificent the collection of cars John Cena has in his garage. Here is why the newly restored 1969 MGC GT is the ultimae car. 


The former WWE star John Cena is loved the same way for his extravagant car collection as his roles in movies or his WWE career. We all know John Cena is undoubtedly one of the most hardcore fans of classic cars. From classic Plymouth Superbirds to Dodge Chargers, he just can’t find a time to not enjoy his cars to the fullest. While many collectors love their cars in their stock, John likes to have them customized according to his needs. He likes his car with tweaked engines and a custom interior with everything polished and new so that his old car drives like a new car but feels like the good old days. In this article, we are going to talk about one of his precious cars and its uniqueness. Here is why John Cena’s new custom LS-swapped 1969 MGC GT is the ultimate American muscle

The ’69 MGC GT Is Wide And Low With Baby Blue Finish

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The guys who restored the car have done an incredible job to make the GMC GT looks mostly identical to the stock ’69 Sleeper.  But the car is fitted with a wide body kit to make it look demeanour and is tuned low with less ground clearance to match the appeal most of all, it is painted in the unique Baby Blue paint finish with no fake chrome looks to match the retro vibe and make it look more similar to the stock build. 

Rocks A Powerful Chevy V8 With Manual Gearbox

  • MGC-GT-Engine
  • Custom-69-MGC-GT-Engine

Every car should drive how it looks, that’s very well defined by the taste of cars John Cena has. From the old retro looks, the car drives like a proper American monster. Under the hood, the MGC rocks a 6.2-liter Chevy V8 engine which pumps out 600 horses. It is a massive upgrade from the old 2.9-liter six-cylinder engine that produced 145 hp. The massive V8 helps the car to have a greater power-to-weight ratio because of the heavy weight of the car. The fun doesn’t stop there, the power of the LS engine is controlled by a proper stick shift six-speed manual gearbox. What more do you need other than this? It already checks every tick mark. 

Completely New Suspension Setup 

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The MGC went through a complete overhaul with the suspensions to maximize the thrill.The engineers fitted a new set of suspensions and tuned it to fit for the American roads. To enjoy the complete thrill of 600 horses, they fitted the good old control arm with a heavy-duty four-link at the rear to maximise the handling abilities of the MGC GT.

New Vibrant And Comfier Interior

  • Restored-69-MGC-GT-Interior
  • Jogn-Cena-In-69-MGC-GT

The fully restored British gem is fitted with a nicer and more modern-looking interior which is more comfortable while driving around with the car. It includes the colourful stitched-leather upholstery with blue seats with orange stripes to match the exterior. Not just that, the front dashboard has also given some unique touch of modern tech to make it more usable and appealing. The best part is that they didn’t overdo it so it seems like a mismatch and would mess up the whole theme of the car.

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They maximised what should be changed and what should remain the same. The MGC GT clearly speaks how well the 52-year-old car has been brought back to life. It was all worth it for John to see his precious baby revived so that he can enjoy every bit of its elegance. 


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