Huge Discount Up-to 8 Lakh Rs on Skoda Octavia RS245 This April

Huge Discount Up-to 8 Lakh Rs on Skoda Octavia RS245 This April

Skoda Octavia RS245,the corona virus has once again taken a leap in the country. The number of corona patients is increasing in many states including Maharashtra. Corona does not get customers to buy cars as there are lockdown-like conditions in some places. Thus, dealers have announced a discount of Rs 8 lakh on a car.

Skoda Octavia RS245
Skoda Octavia RS245


The auto sector hit hard by the Corona
Big discount on a car for not getting customers
Dealers announce Rs 8 lakh discount

If you are planning to buy a four-wheeler, there is a great discount offer for you. Today we are going to tell you about a bumper discount on a car. The Skoda Octavia RS245 is still in stock. Some dealers are selling these cars with huge discounts. The car was launch in early 2020. Currently this car is available in limited stock. The special feature of this car is that it is a stylish car. Which offers tremendous features.


The Octavia RS245 is another RS model based on the second generation Octavia. Carmaker launched the RS230 in 2017. Compared to the 2017 model, the 2020 model has bigger wheels and upgraded engine components. It gives you 245 hp and 370 Nm of torque. It has new dual clutch gearbox option. Due to these upgrades, the price of the car is Rs 11 lakh more than in 2017. This car has priced of Rs 35.99 lakh.

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Car benefits and discounts

According to Autocar India, RS245 was Shown at the Auto Expo last year. As saying that the car was out of stock by April 2020. However, due to cancellation of orders, dealers currently have vehicles left. The car was not sold due to a lockdown. So the dealers decided to sell these cars at bumper discounts. A discount of Rs 8 lakh is being given on this.

The new Skoda Octavia RS245 may launch this month

The Octavia RS245 could be launch in India this month. The car is buit on platform like MQB.Like other vehicles, it has a petrol engine. The car can be power by a 190 hp, 2.0 liter turbo petrol engine. A new car can cost between Rs 18 lakh and Rs 24 lakh. This car is going to hit the Hyundai Elantra hard.

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