Jason Noah Car Collection & Net Worth

Jason Noah is a South African philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Jason Noah Foundation. A non-profit organization that focuses on providing education and healthcare to disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Noah was born and raised in Johannesburg. Where he developed a passion for giving back to his community at a young age. He is a self-made man and started his first business at the age of 21. Which paved the way for his success as an entrepreneur. Noah’s foundation has helped thousands of children access quality education and healthcare. Jason continues to be a leading voice in the fight against poverty and inequality in South Africa. In addition to his philanthropic work, Noah is also known for his leadership skills and innovative business strategies. The 26 year old has net worth in Multi Millions. So let’s have a look at Jason Noah Car Collection.


1. Range-Rover Sport


Beginning Jason Noah Car Collection with his Range-Rover Sport in Borasco Grey. The British SUV is powered by a 3.0-Litre Turbocharged V6 paired to its 8-speed automatic gearbox. The Range-Rover Sport produces 345 horsepower. The Sport gets a price tag of $209,990.

2. Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG


Jason’ Collection also has a 2013 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG in Chrome Silver Wrap. The Pocket Rocket comes with a 2.0-Liter Turbocharged 4 Cylinder engine. The A45 AMG produces over 366 horsepower and 332 lb-ft torque. The Mercedes-Benz gets a price tag of $39,995.

3. BMW M3 Convertible


Jason Noah Car Collection also has a BMW M3 in chrome wrap. Under the hood, The (F80) M3 comes with a 3.0-Liter Turbocharged V8 Engine. Which produces 450 horsepower and 550Nm torque. The BMW has a top speed of 160 mph and costs $70,000. 

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