Jon Vlogs Car Collection: YouTuber & Singer

Jon Vlogs is a Portugal YouTuber and Singer. The 23 year old was Born and raised up in Brazil. Jon has over 20k Monthly Listeners on Spotify, 5.3 million followers on Instagram, 500k followers on Twitter and 7 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Jon started his YouTube Channel in 2015 and has over 900 video son the platform, Jon is also very active on Twitch. The YouTuber is a graduate of University of Campinas. Jon has an estimated net worth of 900k – $1 million. So let’s check out what cars does he drive and have in his garage


1. BMW i8

BMW i8

That Surely Is Gonna Make Heads Turn, Starting Jon’s Collection with his BMW i8 which is wrapped in Chrome Gold and looks quite appealing. The i8 is definitely one of the best looking hybrid supercars. The BMW comes equipped with a 1.5-liter twin turbo inline-3 cylinder engine paired to an e-Drive Electric Motor which gives an output of 357 horsepower. The BMW i8 comes with a price tag of $150,000.

2. Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Most of the YouTuber’s owns a Tesla, Maybe because of the brand recognition, elite status or Content. The car is priced at $130,000 and flexes its falcon like doors. The Model-X comes with two standard motors which produces 670 horsepower, whereas the three motor option produces 1020 horsepower. Having a claimed drive range of 350 miles. It also features a 17″ touchscreen which can almost control everything, automatically closing doors, Tesla’s Famous AUTOPILOT, Panoramic windshield.

3. Audi R8

Audi R8

Jon also owns a Audi R8 finished in white and 20″ alloys, The R8 is powered by a thrilling 5.0-liter V10 which is enough to cough out 600 horsepower. The car is equipped with a very detailed and luxurious cabin, Nappa leather upholstery, Virtual Cockpit gauge which comes with Audi’s MMI Infotainment system and voice command. The car comes with the price tag of $142,000.

4. Cadillac ATS V

Cadillac ATS V

Concluding Jon’s collection with his Cadillac ATS V. The ATS is powered by a 3.6-liter Twin Turbo V6 making 464 horsepower. The car features Independent Multi-Link rear suspension, ADAS, EPS, Traction Control, 8″ infotainment, BOSE 13-speaker sound system. The Cadillac comes with a price tag of $86,995.

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