Katy Perry Latest Car Collection 2024

The Car Collection of American Singer-Songwriter Katy Perry

Katy Perry car collection is loaded with a lot of amazing vehicle from Ferrari to Rolls Royce. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson AKA Katy Perry is a 37-Years old American Singer, Television judge and Song writer. She is amazingly talented and famous around the globe. Katy has some of the greatest hit songs of all time which crossed multi billion views on YouTube. Katy Perry has a estimated Net Worth of $350 Million Dollars which is insane. So when she has this much net worth then the car collection is gonna be insane and crazy.

Tesla Model S$79,990
Maserati Grancabrio $252,100
Audi A5$50,400
Ferrari California T$202,723
BMW 3-Series$40,750
Mercedes SL-ClassN/A
Fisker Karma $103,400
Mini Cooper$30,900
Mercedes S580$131,900
Porsche Cayenne $89,990
Rolls Royce Ghost$335,890
BMW 33oi convertible$38,700

1. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Katy Perry car collection become super amazing by adding this cool car in the garage. Tesla Model S is the worlds fastest production sedan with high acceleration and long range. The Tesla Model S comes with a starting price of $79,990 USD and it goes up to $149,190 for its high performance Plaid variant. The Tesla Modes S is the combination of smart features and high performance at the same time.

2. Maserati Grancabrio


Maserati Grancabrio is one of the best convertible Maserati with high performance engine under the hood it can make you feel special. Katy Perry has this vehicle in her garage from past few years and drive it on weekends with no roof. The Maserati GranCabrio comes with a powerful 4.7-Liters Turbocharge V-8 Engine which generates 434-Horsepower and 490 NM of Torque. This beautiful car is all about high-performance and fun-to-drive.

3. Audi A5

Audi A5
Audi A5

This is amazing at everything. A5 has all high-tech features with amazing comfort and powerful motor under the hood. The Audi A5 comes with a powerful 3.0L Turbocharge TDI V-6 engine which develop 261-Horsepower and 330-NM of Torque. The A5 gets a starting price of $50,400 USD which is a nice price for this combo.

4. Ferrari California T


Moving to the supercar of Katy Perry. The Ferrari California T is the best Ferrari ever it has a amazing design and a powerful eight-cylinder engine. The Ferrari California T has a 3,9-liters Twin-Turbocharge V-8 Engine which can make 553-Horsepower and 755 NM of Torque. This amazing supercar can go to the top speed of 317 KMPH and 0-100 in just 3.6-seconds which is truly insane. The California T comes with a starting price of $202,723 USD.



After some high performance cars Katy Perry have some normal and decent car. BMW 3-Series is a cool small sedan with a average performing engine. This 335i has a 3.0L Twin-turbocharge straight 6-cylinder petrol engine. The BMW 3-series gets a starting price of $40,750 USD. Katy Perry don’t drive this cool sedan that much. So this could be her spare car which is equally important to have.

6. Mercedes SL-Class


Her car collection become more unique by adding this old school vehicle in her garage. The Mercedes Ponton is the car from year 1953. It has a 2.2L 4-Cylinder engine which develop 132-Horsepower. While this is a vintage car so the price can be anything. Price of cars like this depends upon the launch year, age and condition no one can’t define the price. So this is the only vintage car in the car collection of Katy Perry.

7. Fisker Karma


Katy Perry car collection become more interesting after adding this insane car. Fisker Karma is a good car, you can’t say that it has a amazing engine but still this sedan is something unique. The Fisker Karma has a 2.0L turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine which develop power up to 161-Horsepower and 479 NM of Torque. This beast comes with a starting price of $103,400 USD which is really good for a rare and unique car.

8. Mini Cooper


Mini Cooper is the smallest car in Katy Perry car collection. The 2009 Mini Cooper S is completely designed by Katy Perry by “The Blonds”. This is the one-of-one mini cooper in world specially for her. The Mini Cooper comes with a starting price tag of $30,900 USD but this is the special so prices will go even higher.

9. Mercedes-Benz S580

Mercedes S580
Mercedes S580

The S-class remains the gold standard for the Mercedes in luxury cars line-up. With plenty of latest tech and ultra-luxurious cabin makes iconic sedan. The S500 is powered by straight-six engine producing 429 HP and S580’s V8 engine produces 496 HP with all-wheel drivetrain as a standard.

10. Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Cayenne

The already popular captivated with athleticism Porsche Cayenne comes with a new 2022 revamp with a new fastback flowing roofline that makes a style statement with itself. With the more powerful version even more thrilling and ridiculously quick. It comes with a hell lot of engine options starting with a turbocharged V6, twin-turbo V6 and twin-turbo V8 which makes from 340 hp to a hefty 541 hp and also offers two plug-in hybrid models which make up to an insane 671 hp and a superior build quality with performance first approach, this 2022 Porsche Cayenne Coupe might feel appealing to you. But with a compromise in terms of space.

11. Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost
Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce has been a brand which not only has a special place in their customers mind but a reputation of delivering one of the best cars in the world. And the 2022 Ghost comes between the flagship Phantom and the Cullinan. With it’s new exterior and interior overhaul carries the same blend of luxury and comfortness that the brand is popular for and not just it shares the same level of excitement and extravaganza of true craftsmanship but a refinement that it has from its powerful V12 engine makes it no less than a supercar for the super rich millionaires who’ll buy this piece of Marvel.

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