Lilly Ghalichi Car Collection: Cars of Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly Ghalichi is an American attorney, actor, and entrepreneur. She came into recognition as a cast member of the television reality show Shahs of Sunset. Besides that, Ghalichi is also the CEO of her company 9to5 Seating, which designs and makes office chairs. Lilly lives an expensive and rich lifestyle and flaunts it to her 2.9 million following on Instagram. Ghalichi earns a hefty $2.5 million annually and has an estimated net worth of over $30 million. Let’s look at what cool cars Lilly Ghalichi drives and has got inside her car collection.


1. Mclaren 720S – $317,500


McLaren has prestige for creating some of the most wicked and absurdly fast cars in the world. Lilly Ghalichi has got an insane McLaren 720S Spider inside her amazing car collection. The 720S with its meshed carbon-fiber body, and aerodynamic design delivers crazy driving. The Mclaren features a stunning-looking and aggressive design accompanied by a high-quality driver-focused cabin. In the heart lies a powerful twin-turbo V8 that makes an amazing 710 hp of power handled by a sporty gearbox. The 720S can rocket itself to 60 mph in a crazy 2.9 seconds and floor to 212 mph.

2. Rolls-Royce Ghost – $


Entrepreneur Lilly Ghalichi recently added a Rolls-Royce Ghost, to her expensive car collection. The Rolls features a magnificent design with a supreme level of richness going inside the cabin. Under the hood, the Ghost packs a turbo-V12 that makes 563 hp of smooth power. This Ghost is among the finest cars, offering tranquillant design and breathtaking performance.

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3. Tesla Model S – $130,000


Next comes the Telsa Model S that Lilly Ghalichi has got inside her amazing car collection. The Model S with its insane performance and stunning design steals the charm, unlike any electric car. The EV offers a monstrous 1,020 hp of power with its three electric motors. Combined with a rocket-like acceleration of two seconds, the Tesla is quicker than most supercars.

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