Mahindra Unveils The Thar Earth Edition: A Desert Oasis on Wheels

The new Thar Earth Edition offers more cosmetic changes both outside & inside to make it look fresh

Mahindra has unveiled a captivating addition to the Thar lineup – the Thar Earth Edition. This special edition is priced between Rs 15.40 lakh and Rs 17.60 lakh (ex-showroom). It pays homage to the rugged beauty of the Thar desert with a unique combination of aesthetic enhancements and retained off-road prowess.

Based on the LX Hard Top 4×4 variant, the Thar Earth Edition boasts a distinctive “Desert Fury” satin matte paint finish. This captivating colour, complemented by sand dune-inspired decals along the sides, evokes the essence of the arid landscape. Mahindra employs a special “sand sparkle” treatment within the paint, adding a subtle shimmer that reflects the desert’s dynamic light.

New Thar Earth Edition: Attention to Detail

Mahindra Unveils The Thar Earth Edition: A Desert Oasis on Wheels
Source: Mahindra Auto

The Earth Edition’s visual appeal extends beyond the paintwork. Body-coloured accents adorn the grille, while matte black badging and silver-finished alloy wheels with matching body-coloured inserts. The B-pillars proudly display “Earth Edition” badges enhancing its special identity.

A Desert-Themed Cabin:

Source: Mahindra Auto

Stepping inside reveals a contrasting black and beige interior, a departure from the standard Thar’s all-black cabin. The seats come in beige and black leatherette and feature a captivating dune design motif on the headrests, subtly echoing the exterior theme. The air vent surrounds are finished in the “Desert Fury” colour with matching accents elegantly adorning the steering wheel and centre console. Replacing the chrome finish, the Mahindra logos on the steering wheel and gear lever now sport a sleek dark treatment.

Every Thar Earth Edition boasts a unique identity with a numbered plaque/decorative VIN plate proudly displayed on the dashboard, showcasing the specific production number. Mahindra offers optional customized armrests for both front and rear passengers, floor mats, and a comfort kit to enhance comfort and personalization.

New Thar Earth Edition: Uncompromising Performance

Source: Mahindra Auto

The Thar Earth Edition remains true to its off-road legacy, retaining the proven powertrains from the standard Thar. The 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine (150 bhp & 300 Nm) and the 2.2-litre diesel engine (130 bhp & 300 Nm) are offered with a standard four-wheel-drive system. A 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox caters to diverse driving preferences.

A Compelling Offering:

The Thar Earth Edition, with its unique visual appeal, comfortable interior, and retained off-road capability, presents a compelling proposition. Both for adventure enthusiasts and those seeking a distinctive SUV with a desert-inspired personality. The Earth Edition commands a premium of approximately Rs 40,000 compared to the standard LX Hard Top 4×4 variant. Its exclusive features and limited-edition status may well justify the additional investment for discerning buyers seeking a unique expression of the iconic Thar.

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