Mansory’s Custom Ferrari SF90: The Mansory F9XX



Mansory’s Custom Ferrari SF90 completes their Ferrari product portfolio, says the performance and design specialist. One of the finest house of performance, and design upgrades and their latest product is the most aggressive of them all. Mansory did a complete vehicle conversion of both the coupe and spider version of the car.

What’s New?

Mansory's Custom Ferrari SF90
Mansory’s Custom Ferrari SF90

Following the Mansory edition of the Ferrari F8 Tributo F8XX, The F9XX is quite magnificent from the outside. The modder have enlarged the air intakes in the front apron, and added a new front lip to the SF90. There are some striking sills down the side of the car, which are distinct Mansory’s design. The new carbon body components are not only good looking, but act as air ducts as well. Also for the rear of the car a new rear double diffuser, and a very large rear spoiler that couples the diffuser.

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Other features that are extraordinary is the car’s exterior. The F9XX name on side of the doors, while the intimidating black exterior complements vividly with the yellow F9XX name and the striping across various elements of the car. The stripes are on the side of the car, across the mirrors and around the front fascia. The interior sports the similar vibe, with a main black color and various yellow applications, and it is all in the highest quality of leather. And replacing the leather counterparts, the interior is beautifully accentuated with carbon.

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Mansory's Custom Ferrari SF90
Mansory’s Custom Ferrari SF90

Engine & Performance

For the power part, Mansory reworked to upgrade the SF90. The 4.0L biturbo V8 engine now offers 980 hp, a massive increase from 780 hp of the V8 in the stock car. And already with the, car’s three electric motors combined, there is even more power. And Mansory’s F9XX now pushes beyond 1,000 hp with a 1,100 hp overall power figure. With 0-60 mph sprint time of just 2.4 seconds, and top speed of 220 mph, Mansory says that this fills the last gap in the Ferrari product portfolio.


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