Manu Rios Car Collection & Net Worth



Manu Rios Car Collection is pretty good with just few cars. Manuel Ríos Fernández AKA Manu Rios is a 23 years old Spanish Actor, Model and Influencer. He is pretty famous with around 10 Million Followers on Instagram. His Estimated Net Worth is around $4 Million. So lets have a look at the car collection of Manu.

Manu Rios Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Mercedes GLE$62,000
BMW 3 Series$39,800

1. Mercedes-Benz GLE

Starting from the most expensive and best SUV in Many Rios Car Collection. Mercedes GLE is best at everything. This is the combination of Luxury, Comfort, Style, Performance and off-road. GLE is power by 3.0-liters turbocharge six-cylinder which develop good amount of power as compare to other SUVs from this segment.

2. BMW 3 Series

Now this is another luxury vehicle in Manu Rios Car Collection. BMW 3 Series is finest vehicle with best in class interior and a good powerful engine under the hood. 3-Series have a 2.0-liters Turbo Inline Four-Cylinder engine which makes good power and torque.

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