Maserati Revealed The 2023 Granturismo Folgore EV

The Italian carmaker Maserati hasn’t officially launched its upcoming car yet. The upcoming 2023 Maserati Granturismo Folgore has flooded the internet with its photos and we are amazed. Yesterday the carmaker has uploaded a video that gives the best look at their upcoming supercar. The car was shown off during Monterey Car Week and was also driven through the Californian roads.



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The GT’s Folgore edition looks different from its ICE counterpart in terms of exterior design and styling. The front grille is not fully closed and exhibits a smaller opening which is surprising as it is an electric car. There are additional openings in the bumper with ducts to cool the brakes at high speeds. The obvious changes can be seen with no exhausts and new wheels for better aerodynamic and range for the car. The rear is redesigned to match with the car’s no exhaust pipes and the company has added a charging port right below the left taillight.

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The Folgore logo representing all future Maserati electric cars ison the front wing right above the three holes on the car. The car looks beautiful and elegant with its magnificent curves and streamlined aerodynamic body. And along with the sensational looks, we expect the Maserati EV to pack a promising drive and thrilling performance.

Specifications & Performance:

The 2023 Maserati Granturismo Folgore will come with three electric motors making an insane 1,200 horsepower with standard all-wheel drive. The acceleration is not as absurd as the Model S Plaid’s sub 2 seconds mark but Maserati claims the GT Folgore will offer an impressive 0-60 run in 2.6 seconds. What Tesla Model S Plaid can’t do is achieve a top speed of a crazy 200 mph.

The Interior of the GT Folgore is still unclear as the video blurred out that part. But we expect the Folgore will boast an elegant and beautiful cabin. It will offer the most attention to detail with the use of fine and rich materials from the steering wheel to the comfortable seats. The GT Folgore will hit the roads in 2023 so we’ll update the official specs of the car after the official launch.


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