Melinda Gates Car Collection: Net Worth, Salary, Age &Husband

Melinda French Gates is an American Philanthropist and Former computer scientist and general manager at Microsoft. She was born in Melinda Ann French on August 15, 1964. She completed BA, MBA in Duke University. She Married Bill Gates in the year 1994 and divorced in the year 2021. She has 3 Children. She got Presidential Medal of Freedom award in the year 2016.

French Gates first job was tutoring children in mathematics and computer programming. After graduation, she became a marketing manager with Microsoft. She worked on Expedia which became one of the most popular travel booking website. By 2014 Bill and Melinda had donated $28 billion of their personal wealth to the foundation.

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E Class

Melinda Gates has E Class. It costs around $54,950 – 113,500 MSRP. It offers several powerful engines, including turbocharged 4 and 6 cylinder and a turbo V8. It reaches top speed of 250km/h. It has only automatic transmission.

2. Mercedes AMG G63


It costs around $157,500. It has automatic Transmission. It reaches top speed of 220kmph. it just take 4.5 seconds to acclerate 0-100kmph. It has 8 cylinders in v shape. Engine type is M177 Twin Turbo V8.

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