Mercedes Benz A Class will be discontinued after 2022

Mercedes A-Class Discontinued

After the departure of the top spec AMG A35 model, Mercedes has confirmed that now the A220 model which is the entry level and cheapest Mercedes you can buy, will be discontinued after 2022 model year and will no longer be serving the US automotive market.

And since the A Class will no longer be available, the new GLA Class which comes at a starting price of around $37,000 (for the GLA250) will be the cheapest Mercedes offered by the brand and comes with a 221 hp turbocharged four cylinder engine and a top speed of 130 mph and a 0-60 mph time in 5.7 seconds. While the CLA Class will be sticking around for the time as an entry level sedan offered by Mercedes Benz.

This news which spreaded like like a storm and was later confirmed by a Mercedes spokesperson letter.

Mercedes Benz A Class
Mercedes Benz A Class

The four door A220 hatchback which starts at a price of sub $35,000 was doing great on the market with five figure sales, which declined to just a few 8108 units sold in the year 2021. While the GLA Class which will replace as the entry level Mercedes had a really great year with over 14,322 units sold last year which same goes for the CLA Class which did good for the last year too and will be sticking for the time being since it’s not going anywhere because it serves quite well as an entry level sedan and is a great rival to compete with the other cars offered by BMW and Audi.

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