New Apple Watch and iPhone 14 Series To Offer Crash Detection Feature

Apple has launched their new iPhone 14 lineup, Apple Watch series, and the new Airpods Pro at their September 7 event. And there is one thing apart from all their products that made us car nerds excited (you’ll love it). Cupertino’s new lineup of iPhones and Watches will offer a unique car crash detection feature.


Tell me now, will you?

With the new batch of Apple products, the Cupertino giant announced the iPhone 14 lineup and Apple Watch Series 8. With this feature, your Apple device will be able to detect whether you are involved in a car crash. Your iPhone and Apple Watch will notify the emergency services and medical authorities if they detect any crash. The devices will prompt you if you are in a severe car crash and will notify your contacts. You can turn this feature off if you’re okay within 10 seconds and don’t want it to do that.


Apple’s car crash detection feature will be available with all Apple products including the new Apple Watch SE, Series 8, and Watch Ultra. The new iPhones including the new iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max will come with Apple’s car crash detection feature.

How does it work?


This feature is possible with Apple’s state-of-the-art hardware combined with precise software optimization and years of R&D and testing. The new Apple Watch Series 8, SE, and Watch Ultra feature a new 3-axis gyroscope, and barometer. Along with a high dynamics accelerometer and a new GPS for speed changes. Apart from the Watch, the new iPhones also pack these features. The innovative hardware combined with the powerful software, machine learning algorithms, and hours of testing made this feature possible.

The crash detection feature works with the barometer detecting cabin pressure in case of airbags opening, the speedometer and GPS catch the speed changes. The microphone and the powerful gyroscope and accelerometer detect speed changes and loud noises. All work seamlessly and are processed by the powerful new silicon and machine learning to detect the possible crash.

When to order and when will i get it?

The new Apple Watch SE (3rd Gen), Watch Series 8, and Watch Ultra will be available starting September 16. The new Apple iPhone 14 series will also be available for orders starting September 9 and will be available starting September 16.

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