Nissan Frontier Electric Truck Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features

Nissan Frontier Electric Truck Specifications and Details

Nissan, a pioneer in mass-market electric vehicles since the debut of the Leaf in 2010, is gearing up the EV market with the Nissan Frontier Electric Truck. Reports indicate that one of their upcoming electric offerings could be a compact and cost-effective electric truck. This move aligns with Nissan’s commitment to carbon-neutrality and expanding their electric vehicle lineup. Speculation is rife that Nissan might introduce an all-electric pickup truck, successor to the current Frontier model.

Nissan Frontier Electric Truck Design and Features

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Nissan’s 2021 concept cars unveiled an exciting glimpse into the future, including the adventurous Surf-Out electric pickup truck. The Surf-Out showcased innovative features like an advanced e-Force AWD system, a versatile midgate for expanded cargo space, and even an onboard generator. Its design, characterized by expansive glass panels, offers excellent visibility and a sleek exterior, a departure from the traditional. The choice of rugged wheels and tires signals its off-road capabilities, aligning with Nissan’s vision of allowing owners to explore without constraints. This concept vehicle hints at what an electric Frontier could potentially embody, bringing together style, utility, and adventure.

When will Nissan launch the Frontier Electric Truck?

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The recently redesigned 2022 Frontier enjoys its place, Nissan is quietly laying the groundwork for an electric replacement. Nissan has an ambitious goal of introducing a new range of EVs by 2030. It’s conceivable that an electric Frontier could make its debut around 2027. By that time, the current model might start showing its age in the market. Although the exact timing of Nissan’s electric truck launch remains uncertain, their $500 million investment in converting the Canton Assembly plant for EV production signals their commitment to the electric future, even if it initially prioritizes sedans and crossovers.


While Nissan has yet to provide pricing for their future electric Frontier, existing prices may give a rough idea. The 2023 Frontier has a starting price of roughly $29,570 for the base King Cab S and goes up to $39,100. The current trend of electric cars being higher-priced flagship products due to battery costs and sophisticated amenities. A starting price of around $45,000 for the 2027 Nissan Frontier EV appears plausible. This price correlates with the potential attractiveness of a more cost-effective, city-friendly electric vehicle for urban drivers.

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