Ola Hired a New Employee Named ‘Bijlee’! What Is The Salary of Bijlee?

Ola is one of the biggest electric scooter seller and manufacturer in India. People of India love their electric scooter the most because of great design, high performance, long range and lots of high-end technology features. Recently they launched the most affordable entry level scooter S1 Air which have a range of 125 kms and top speed of 95 kmph. The starting price of this scooter is ₹1,09,999 rupee which makes it the most affordable scooter with lots of amazing features in this segment.

Ola Electric New Employee – ‘Bijlee’

Recently CEO of Ola Electric Bhavesh Aggarwal gives a big update via tweet. Ola Electric hired a new employee named ‘Bijlee’ and it’s not a human. Yes, may be this can sound surprising to you but they have just hired a dog in company who’s name mentioned above. Bhavesh Aggarwal posted a picture of Bijlee’s ID card where company have mentioned all details of her like employee code, blood group, address and role. This happened for the first time that a dog will work in an electric vehicle company.

Bijlee ID Card

As per ID card of Bijlee the employee code is 440V. The 440V was at one time a standard North American voltage. It also mentioned the Blood Group – PAW +ve. The address of Bijlee is Bangalore office as per the ID card. This can be the marketing strategy of the company because Ola Electric always do marketing stunts to stay in trend in people’s talk.

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