Ola Roadster Electric Bike Will Get High Top Speed & Range

Ola Roadster Electric Bike Specifications and Details

The Ola Roadster electric bike will offer a top speed of 140 kmph, an impressive range of 220 km and class-leading features. Ola Electric has recently unveiled an intriguing lineup of electric motorcycles, including a Cruiser, Adventure, Ola Roadster, and a sports-bike. While specific details and specifications remain a mystery, these bikes share a common futuristic design theme. These each represent its category’s essence in terms of design and intended usage.

Ola Roadster Electric Bike Design

Times Now

The Ola Roadster, a prominent member of Ola Electric’s motorcycle lineup, exudes an aura of excitement. At the recent showcase, its strikingly sporty and futuristic design stole the spotlight. Notable features include an inverted fork, mono-shock suspension, and a comprehensive all-LED lighting system. This performance-oriented bike is expected to offer a relatively low-maintenance ownership experience compared to high-maintenance sports bikes.


Ola has always been good at introducing amazing features in their offerings. The recently unveiled Ola Roadster offers a substantial collection of alluring features encased in a sporty and modern style. An inverted fork, mono-shock suspension, and a powerful all-LED lighting system offer great value to the bike. What sets it apart is the chain drive system, deviating from the conventional rubber band approach, and the inclusion of disc brakes at both ends for heightened safety. The Roadster aims to deliver a secure and enjoyable riding experience, bolstered by these safety enhancements and a mid-mounted motor.

Battery, Range and Performance

The forthcoming Ola Roadster aims to elevate performance standards within its category. While exact specifications remain undisclosed, it’s anticipated to feature a robust electric motor with a top speed 140 kmph. Furthermore, projections suggest an impressive range of approximately 200 to 220 kilometers on a single charge. This puts the Ola Roadster in a competitive position, offering both speed and long-range capabilities. With the added convenience of a high-speed charger, it promises to be a compelling option in the electric motorcycle market.


The pricing details of the Ola Roadster remain speculative at this stage. It’s likely to have a starting price of Rs 2 lakhs, with the on-road price likely to be higher. However, the on-road price may exceed this figure, reaching approximately 3 lakhs. To stay updated on the Ola Roadster’s pricing and other details, enthusiasts are encouraged to monitor official announcements from Ola Electric.

Launch Date

The Ola Roadster, among the four showcased models, appears to be closest to a production-ready form, hinting at a possible early launch. While the exact launch date remains unconfirmed, it’s in the manufacturing stage, with a tentative release expected towards the end of 2024, possibly in November or December. Enthusiasts can look forward to online pre-bookings opening 3 to 4 months prior to its official launch, allowing them to secure their Ola Roadster well in advance.

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