Opel To Bring Back The GSe & Build Sports Cars Again

Opel is betting high on making sportscars as the Insignia production ends this year. The company is planning to bring back the Opel GSe but will be making normal cars along with it. The new GSe will stand for “Grand Sport electric”, which they called “Grand Sport Einspritizung” back in their Monza GSE days.

The Opel GSe will bring the brand’s top-end specifications, bespoke chassis tuning, and fun-to-drive nature. We estimate the company will bring a range of plug-in hybrid models with all-electric models joining the lineup. Opel hinted that by using electrified instead of electric that tells us its future car will not an electric but rather a hybrid. That doesn’t mean any electric cars as the company plans to phase out combustion engines before 2028. The German automaker will follow electrification like other brands by 2024 and will bring more all-electric cars.


Opel revealed their new badge following the announcement, which they unveiled in May 2021 after revealing the Manta GSe ElektroMOD. The Manta restomod featured a unique, and cool-looking design from front LED headlights and features the new logo. The new logo will work as a standalone logo for Opel’s future production-spec models.

We are not sure whether the production-spec model will be the first to receive the GSe badging. Opel has announced the new Manta EV will arrive in 2025 as an electric crossover. We also know that an electric or hybrid model will replace the Insignia as its production will end this year. According to some reports, the Opel Astra is under development and will come as Astra GSe.

Now we just have to see when Opel will reveal their new Astra EV and when it will come out. Whereas their sister brand, Peugeot has announced their E-308 Hatchback and Wagon with an all-electric powertrain. The Opel GSe will feature more power to compete with the Peugeot’s 156 hp and 191 lb-ft of torque. We will update you about the full performance specs so stay tuned for the full information.

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