Patrick Bamford Car Collection: Net Worth, Salary, Age & Wife

Patrick James Bamford (born 5 September 1993) is an English professional football player. He plays as a striker for the Premier League club Leeds United and also in the England national team. Patrick began his professional football career in 2011 with Nottingham Forest. Bamford has played for several big clubs such as Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Norwich City, and more. Patrick joined Leeds united in 2018 with a fee of over 15 million pounds, he also has a net worth of over $20 million. Bamford is currently dating his long-term girlfriend Michaela Ireland. Now let’s take a look at what cars Patrick Bamford has got in his amazing car collection.


1. Lamborghini Urus


Patrick Bamford owns a Lamborghini Urus in his car collection. The Urus is a supercar that offers a mind-boggling performance, in a high-riding SUV shell. Lamborghini’s super SUV features a 4.0-Liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood that makes up to 657 horsepower and provides thrilling behavior on any surface. The Urus rockets like a bullet from 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds making it among the quickest SUVs on the planet. Combined with an adrenaline-rushed performance, and a sporty and racier interior, the Urus is perfectly built for an athlete like Bamford.

2. Bentley Continental GT

The Drive

A luxury grand tourer that offer an incredible luxury with a madness of power had to be in Bamford’s collection. The Continental GT emerges as a perfect daily driver that offers a super-rich drive. Bentley offers both Coupe and Convertible versions offering in both 542-hp V8 engines under its hood. Blended with a super-rich interior fitted with advanced technology and high-end materials leaving you with nothing to complain about. The Continental GT with its bespoke, high-end luxury design offers a smooth and relentless drive making it a perfect companion, ready for any kind of thrill.

3. Range Rover Sport

The Sun

Next up is the Range Rover Sport. A perfect SUV that impresses with its unlimited thrill and off-road capabilities. If one’s budget is slightly less elastic, the Rover Sport is an alternative that’s nearly as satisfying. The RR Sport offers a trio of powerhouses that includes a hybrid inline-six, a plug-in hybrid inline-six, and a mega twin-turbo V8 a good variety of choices. The cabin is upscale and well-equipped with desirable tech, plus impressive handling making it among the best car’s in the Patrick Bamford car collection.

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