Roof Cost Of Bugatti Chiron Is As Expensive As A Toyota Supra


Bugatti Chiron Roof Price is way more expensive then a Toyota Supra. Ever wondered owning a Bugatti? Well, everybody does so because owning a Bugatti is one of the most common dreams of any person. Why wouldn’t it be? The car is a million dollar rare piece of machinery and an engineering marvel.

Owning one isn’t an easy task, especially maintaining the prestigious parts of a Bugatti. The car’s annual maintenance costs are just skyrocketing, just like its insane price tag. For example – an oil change of a Bugatti Chiron costs more than $25,000. It is just the minimal spend which you have to spend every year just for an oil change to maintain the car in the topmost condition possible.

Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron

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Things can just go to crazy insanity if your prestigious car’s exterior has got damaged. For example you have bought a Bugatti Chiron (let just say it for the argument) and somehow your car’s roof has got damage. After having a cinnicle heart attack, you still have to fix your car’s roof. You can either repaint it, or replace it with a new one. You have two options, get it replace by the official parts or go aftermarket.

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An Instagram post posted by the SGR Automotive a couple of days ago, which stated a Bugatti Chiron roof assembly part. It was a genuine OEM part in great condition. The carbon-Fibre roof assembly was in a perfect well condition.

Bugatti Chiron Roof
Bugatti Chiron Roof

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The roof assembly part was list for a whopping $55,000. Sure that’s not so much considering the astonishing price of the car. But so to be said, it costs more than your average Toyota, or Ford or any other midrange car. You can literally buy a 2022 Toyota Supra and still be left with some money. Not just that, a fuel tank of a Bugatti Chiron costs over $22,000. So this is the Bugatti Chiron Roof.


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