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Sarah Michelle is an American actor, and producer. She started her career at the age of four and was later cast in the film An Invasion of Privacy. She took the lead role in the teen drama series Swans Crossing and All My Children. Sarah is popularly known for her role in films like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, Cruel Intentions, Scooby Doo, The Grudge, etc. Her awards include a Daytime Emmy Award, Saturn Award, and Golden Globe Award. Her garage is as unique but simple as her personality on-screen. Let’s look at what cars Sarah Michelle has got in her collection.

Sarah Michelle Car CollectionPrice
Tesla Model X$105,000
Lexus RS450h$50,000
Toyota Prius$30,000
Cars of Sarah Michelle

1. Tesla Model X

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There is no wonder that Teslas are one of the most futuristic-looking and ferocious diving cars on the market. The Tesla Model X is one of the best EVs to have in anyone’s garage. It packs dual electric motors that produce over 500 hp of power and has a rapid acceleration of just 2.5 seconds. From its unique scissor doors to its mind-boggling performance, the Model X never fails to impress us.

2. Lexus RX450h

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Apart from all the expensive Tesla Model X, Michelle owns a Lexus RX450h. The RX450h is one of the most preferred choices on the celebrity’s buying list. The smooth-driving Japanese SUV sports a spacious feature-rich cabin with most elements of luxury that are more long-lasting than posh. The RX450h offers a refined V6 engine with a hybrid system that produces 295 horses and is capable of going from 0-60 mph in 7.7 seconds.

3. Toyota Prius

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Sarah has got a Toyota Prius in her collection. The Prius was mostly sold for its hybrid engine and its low-key design which made it popular among many buyers. The Prius features a four-cylinder engine with a hybrid system that makes over 134 hp and delivers average fuel efficiency of a good 55.5 MPGe. No matter what people say and thrash about this car, you can all judge by its huge popularity how good the car is. Okay, no comments on the design, please!

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