Simon Sinek Car Collection: Cars of Simon Sinek

Simon Oliver Sinek (born October 9, 1973) is popular American author and a motivational speaker. Simon has written five popular books such as Start With Why and The Infinite Game. He is also a TEDx speaker and has gathered a tremendous amount of popularity through his books. Sinek earns more than $2 million annually and has an estimated net worth of over $16 million. Let’s take a look at what cars Simon Sinek drives and has got inside his amazing car collection.

1. Range Rover Vogue – $115,000

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First comes the Range Rover Vogue that Simon Sinek has got inside his wonderful car collection. Land Rover’s largest SUV, the Vogue features a stunning-looking design and a bold road appeal. The Range Rover packs in an absurdly rich cabin fitted with every bit luxury and tech to make your drive as effortless as possible. The Vogue sports a might six-cylinder engine that makes over 295 hp of power. Combined with a luxury ride and thrilling off-road capabilities, the Range Rover is among the best car to have in anybody’s garage.

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2. Tesla Model Y – $60,000


The Tesla Model Y is the favorite car that Simon Sinek has got inside his wonderful car collection. The Model Y with its Model 3 charismatic offers a ton of practicality and offers an impressive buy for any kind of buyer. The Model Y finds a sweet spot between an SUV and a sedan with its lazy attempt to differentiate between the two. The electric hatch offers a similar minimal design offers almost every bit of luxury blended by an incredible performance. The car offers a ferocious acceleration of under 4.1 seconds and over 330 miles of range making it a sweet offering from the brand.

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