Spider Version Makes Mansory Ferrari F8XX Tributo Wilder

The all new Mansory modified Ferrari F8XX Tributo was introduced to the world last year. This new version of Mansory F8XX Tributo can be known to the world as Spider version. It has new and decent upgrades both on interior and exterior parts, by seeing which one can make a guess that Mansory tried something different this time.

The Spider version of F8XX comes with a satin finish of Mansory’s famous British Racing Green color. Nearly every additional part of the coupe is retained on the F8XX Spider including side skirts, front splitter, rear diffusers, and two separated L -shaped wings as well.

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Talking about interiors, Mansory packed this supercar with the same color interiors as it is having on the exterior. The seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and everything inside come in a combination of Green and yellow. It looks like a hell of a design.

Mansory does not stopped here, they have boasted this supercar with the high performing engine. The Mansory Ferrari F8XX comes with a new turbocharged V8 that has increased the power output of this car from 720 hp and 567 poundfeet of torque to 880 hp and 722 lbft of torque. A top speed of nearly 220 mph is recorded for this car with an 0-60 mph time of 2.6 sec.

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Price of this car was not disclosed by Mansory but knowing its upgrades and specifications it would not be cheap.


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