Stellantis To Launch Sub-$27,000 EV With Over 186 Miles Of Range

Stellantis EV Specifications and Details

Automotive conglomerate Stellantis Technology, with a vast portfolio of car brands, plans to unveil an affordable electric vehicle later this year. Reports suggest the starting price will be below $27,000, targeting accessibility. Citroen’s Oli concept showcases a fresh design approach, emphasizing sustainability and simplicity while keeping affordability in mind. It builds upon the success of the Ami electric hatchback, focusing on weight reduction and streamlining EV complexity.

Stellantis EV (Citroen Oli) Interior and Features

Motor 1

The Stellantis group’s Citroen Oli concept focuses on contrasting design elements, featuring horizontal and vertical lines against flat and curved surfaces. The interior adopts a minimalistic approach, with a single symmetrical beam serving as the dashboard and housing essential controls. Infotainment is integrated through the user’s smartphone, reducing complexity and weight. The seating showcases separate bases and backrests, made from recycled polyester and featuring a unique 3D-printed mesh design.

Battery and Range

Inside EVs

The Citroen Oli electric vehicle boasts a 40kWh battery pack for a range of up to 400km. With a limited top speed of 110kph, the design prioritizes efficiency, minimizing aerodynamic drag. Fast charging allows 20 to 80 percent battery replenishment in just 23 minutes. Notably, the Oli supports vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-load (V2L) capabilities, making it a backup power source during outages with a 3.6kW power socket output.

Battery40 kWh
Top speed110 kmph
20 to 80% Charging time23 minutes
Charging Power3.6kW
Performance stats


The Citroen Oli electric vehicle is expected to be competitively priced at around $27,000, offering a range of 248 miles from a 40kWh battery.


The Citroen Oli presents an affordable electric vehicle option, with its sleek design, minimalist interior, and impressive range, making it a promising contender in the EV market.

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