YouTuber TheStradman Car Collection 2024 And Net Worth

Car Collection of YouTuber TheStradman

Stradman Insane is a professional YouTuber with over 3-Million Subscribers till date. His real name is James Lucas Condon professionally known as TheSreadman. He record videos of the most insane cars in world and now own some of the best vehicle in his garage. Stradman have a estimated net worth of $2.5 Million dollars which is pretty impressive. He has a great car collection which includes SUVs and some best hyper cars in world. Stradman lost his father during the 6×6 Jeep Wrangler project by heart attack. He has done amazing job at YouTube and now world know him because of his hard work.

TheStradman Car CollectionPRICE (USD)
Bugatti Veyron$1.9 Million
Lamborghini Aventador $393,695
Aventador Roadster$460,422
Nissan GT-R$113,540
Shelby Ford Raptor $122,135
Ferrari LaFerrari$1.8 Million

1. Bugatti Veyron


Starting from the most expansive and powerful hyper car in Stradman Insane Car collection. The Bugatti Veyron is one of the most rare hyper car in world with a lot of amazing records. Veyron is power by 8.0-liters Quad-Turbocharged W16 engine which can make 1001-Horsepower and 1500 NM of Torque which is really crazy. The Bugatti Veyron comes with a price tag of $1.9 Million Dollars but Stradman bought this used that’s why its difficult to tell the exact figure of price for what he bought. So basically this is one of the best Hyper car own by him. He Sold This in Feb 2022.

2. Lamborghini Aventador


Lamborghini Aventador is another amazing supercar own by Stradman Insane. The Aventador have a powerful 6.5-liters Naturally Aspirated V12 engine which can make 769-Horsepower and 531 lb-ft of Torque. This amazing car can go 0-100 KMPH in just 2.8-Seconds and a top speed of 350 KMPH. The Aventador is the coolest supercar everbuilt with wild looks, scissor doors and amazing engine under the hood makes it special for all time. The Aventador gets a price of $393,695 USD

3. Lamborghini Aventador Roadster


Yes Stradman Insane own another Aventador but this time without roof. This Roadster is completely based on the normal Aventador but in this you can take down the roof and enjoy the natural air with one of the most exclusive supercar in world. The Aventador Roadster have the same 6.5-Ltr Naturally Aspirated V-Twelve rear engine which generate same performance figures. The only difference is price and roof. The roadster Aventador comes with a price tag of $460,422 USD.

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4. Nissan GT-R


Nissan GT-R is the love of every youngster and Stradman Insane Do so. The Nissan GT-R is known as the Godzilla just because of its wild look and amazing performance. The GT-R is power by 3.8-Liters Twin-Turbocharged V-6 Engine which produce power up to 565-Horsepower and 467-Lb-Ft of Torque. Nissan GT-R comes with a starting price of $113,540 which is a good price for a Godzilla like this. Stradman Insane have this vehicle from a long time and customized it a lot. This is one of the most loved car by Stradman insane.

5. Shelby Ford Raptor


Shelby Ford Raptor is one of the most rare Pickup truck in world. With high performing motor under the hood it can make you crazy and special on any street of America. The Ford Raptor Shelby can make 525-Horsepower and 610 NM of Torque. This beast comes with a starting price of $122,135 USD which is really crazy for a pickup truck by ford. The Shelby is completely redesign by Stradman Insane and now this become even more rare. So this is also a cool vehicle in his garage after Bugatti and Lamborghini.

6. Ferrari LaFerrari

The Stradman Ferrari LaFerrari

While he owns many exotic cars from the Lamborghini and Bugatti Veyron’s. He wanted to have something much more exciting and breathtaking piece of machinery, well it’s not the 2006 Ferrari Challenge Stradale but it’s a Ferrari and not just a Ferrari, it’s The Ferrari. The Ferrari LaFerrari, one of the best looking cars ever made. From it’s beautiful front to its aggressive and magnificent rear, and this carbon fibre made car, comes with a 6.3 Litre naturally aspirated V12 engine combined with an electric motor paired with a outrageous and swift 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission which produces an enormous 950 horsepower which can go from 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds and achieve a top speed of an astonishing 218 mph. And this beautiful engineering marvel is one of the 499 LaFerrari’s ever made.

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