Subaru Teases Its Upcoming SUV That Will Replace The Crosstrek

Subaru is to unveil its next-generation SUV which likely will be an updated version of the current Subaru Crosstrek. The company has shared a video via its Youtube channel and teases which could be its upcoming new SUV model. Subaru plans to reveal their new SUV on September 15 this year so we are excited to see what’s coming.


What’s New?

Via – Subaru

The 15-second teaser video, posted on Subaru’s Youtube channel is also available on the brand’s official Japanese website. As all shots were in dark, we could only see a few glimpses of the SUV with only a few things to know. We can see the new design upgrades via the new headlamps and the taillights. Apart from that, we can see the tip of the headlights is connected by a crossbar that runs towards the upper part of the grille. The Subaru logo is placed in the middle of the crossbar which says what the future Subaru cars will look like. The grille too has large borders with a bigger area compared to the current Subaru Crosstrek. We can’t see much of the rear and what it will exactly look like.

Is Impreza Gone?

It is hard to gain a grasp of what the car will look like, due to the short period the car was out close. We expect the upcoming Subaru car will have dimensions similar to the Crosstrek but with wider angles. If this turns out to be a new Crosstrek, we can certainly hope that they won’t make the Impreza anymore. The Crosstrek is the uplifted version of the Impreza with a similar powertrain, platform, and design but carries the same nameplate.


The company sold more Crosstreks than the Impreza with almost double I numbers. People bought the car despite its high price which made the company more profitable. More details are on the way as the official is near so stay tuned for that.

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