Sun Yang Car Collection: Cars of Sun Yang

Sun Yang (born 1 December 1991) is a Chinese Olympic swimmer who holds the world record for swimming. Yang became the first Chinese athlete to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming in 2012. Sun became holds a three-time Olympic gold medalist and eleven-time world champion. Yang earns more than $2.4 million and has an estimated net worth of around $10 million. Let’s look at what cars Sun Yang has got inside his car collection.

1. Porsche Cayenne – $


Sun Yang has got a Porsche Cayenne in his car collection. It features a beautiful design and high-class interior that can shake your bones with its athletic driving. The Porsche SUV is the best SUV one could have to fulfill their needs for obnoxious thrill and luxury ride. The Cayenne offers multiple powertrains starting from a turbo V6 up to a rumbling V8 under the hood. The insane power results in incredible acceleration and ridiculous performance on road. Combined with a spacious cabin fitted with rich materials and a comfortable ride, the Cayenne delivers sporty and athletic driving.

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2. Audi Q7 – $


Next comes the Audi Q7 that Sun Yang has got in his impressive car collection. The Audi Q7 features a sleek design and offers plenty of luxury inside its feature-rich cabin. The car offers two powertrain options: a 248 hp turbo four and a 335 hp turbo V6. The incredible performance is shared with auto transmission, standard AWD, and adjustable air suspension. Combined with its luxury driving, the Q7 is among the best Audi SUVs one could buy.

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