Top 10 Most Amazing Supercars In Fast X


We all know that the Fast Saga is among the most loved movie franchises of all time. A movie franchise that spanned over two decades has wrapped the hearts of millions of fans around the globe. Moreover, the movie franchise was among the ones which made the car culture popular. The franchise was why we …

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The DeLorean Alpha2 Might Go Into Production Following Its Strong Hype


The nostalgic DeLorean brand is back in the industry with its first Alpha5 EV with 300 miles of range. Reports say the car after the EV could come with a hybrid powertrain paired with a Renault-sourced V6 engine. The imagined Alpha2 is inspired by the original DMC-12 with its 130-hp engine. The Alpha2 Concept: The …

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10 Cars That Were Popularized By Media Franchises


You might have seen these cars in various movies, television shows, etc. These are the 10 cars popularized by media franchises… Overview When designing a new car, one of the most crucial factors that automakers must take into account is the marketing strategy—how will they position this new model, who will they sell it to, …

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Barry Weiss Car Collection | Cars of Barry Weiss

Overview Barry Weiss has to be the most beloved Storage Wars character. He made his fortune through fruits and vegetables, believe it or not; “’I owned a produce company,’ Barry told AOL in an interview, ‘and we exported and imported, my brother and myself. I did that for years.’” Safe to say he made a couple of bucks prior to …

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Electric DeLorean: Alpha 5 Design, Range, 0-60 mph & Top Speed

Electric DeLorean

Overview Electric DeLorean, The Alpha 5 is finally revealed and we get to see the complete look at this new EV from the manufacturers of the iconic DMC-12. Much inspired by the DMC-12, this coupe is stylish with gullwing doors styled by Italdesign. In keeping with today’s EVs, it has massive wheels and slim lights …

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