Electric DeLorean: Alpha 5 Design, Range, 0-60 mph & Top Speed



Electric DeLorean, The Alpha 5 is finally revealed and we get to see the complete look at this new EV from the manufacturers of the iconic DMC-12. Much inspired by the DMC-12, this coupe is stylish with gullwing doors styled by Italdesign. In keeping with today’s EVs, it has massive wheels and slim lights front and rear. Thanks to the DeLorean website, we got a bit of early access to this all-new Alpha5.

What’s New?

Electric DeLorean
Electric DeLorean

From the teaser images, it’s pretty sure that the new EV is truly modern, as it got a sleek and elegant body design. Hints of gull-wing doors from the DMC-12 are implemented on this new set of doors. These doors look futuristic and are perhaps the most notable feature of this new DeLorean. The rear-end has beautiful louvers, with a modern LED taillight bar stretched across the back fascia. As designed by Italdesign, the car is certainly much bigger than that of its real predecessor, the DMC-12.

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The side view shows an incredibly subtle and smooth body design, along with the black roof complementing the silver body color. The front end looks similar to that of a Hyundai Ioniq 5, and the lack of a grille makes it more minimal. As per DeLorean, the car has a range of over 300+ miles, with a 0-60 mph sprint run in 2.99 seconds. The top speed of this EV is 155 mph.


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