Eight Fastest Flat-Six Engine Cars Ever | 8 Fastest Flat-Six cars

Eight-Fastest-Flat-Six-Engined Cars

We ranked the eight fastest flat-six engine cars of all time. Overview The enthusiasts may love the bulky and beefy V8 and its thrilling sounds. But there is another kind of thrill behind the wheels of a car that rocks a flat-six. No matter how many cars of different companies you drive. You notice one …

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World’s Fastest & Most Expansive Ambulance | Dubai Ambulance

Hypersport Responder

World’s Fastest Ambulance Car In Dubai Earlier today at Dubai Expo, the Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services or DCAS welcomed the world’s fastest and most expensive Ambulance car. That’ll be used for providing ambulance services in Dubai.  It’s called the “Hypersport Responder” which is dubbed for the Lykan Hypersport. It is a one of a …

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