Rupert Murdoch Car Collection: The Times Of London Owner Cars

Rupert Murdoch Car Collection

Rupert Murdoch is a American Businessman, Media Proprietor and an investor. The Billionaire is Oxford Graduate and is the 71st Richest person in the world. Rupert has an estimated net worth of almost $22 billion. The major companies owned by him are News corporation, New York Post, The Times Of London, Fox News and even …

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Pauline Ducruet Car Collection: Cars of Pauline Ducruet

Pauline Ducruet Car Collection

Pauline Ducruet is the member of royal family of Monaco and the daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet. She represented Monaco at the World Junior Diving Championships held in Germany in 2010. Pauline is the sister of Instagram Influencer Camille Gottlieb. Pauline received a bachelors degree from Prince Albert University of Monaco. …

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Latest Car Collection Of Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian Cars

Kim Kardashian Car Collection

Kim Kardashian car collection have some of the greatest supercars and ultra-luxury vehicles. Well if you’re in the pop space or just an average internet user, you most probably stumble upon the name Kim Kardashian somehow and I’ll be damned if you haven’t. Seriously you never heard of the Kardashians? The famous, super rich family? Alright don’t worry. …

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Kim Jong UN Car Collection | Cars of North Korea Leader Kim Jong

Kim Jong Cars

Kim Jong UN Car Collection is all about luxury vehicles. Kim Jong Un is North Korean leader born on 8th January 1983. He is also a leader of Workers Party of Korea. He has been President of the State Affairs Commission, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and General Secretary of Workers Party of Korea. …

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