Top 10 Most Reliable American Cars In 2023

Ford Mustang Dark Horse

American cars are worldwide famous for making huge horsepower engine and now they have ultimate electric vehicle too, which can make insane power and have ultimate acceleration, that no one can built at the ranges they give. The cars like Hummer EV and Lucid Air are having some insane technology that makes them different from …

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Top 10 Most Reliable Upcoming Cars Under $40K In 2023


Affordable cars are the right kind of car if you are an entry-level buyer or have a tight budget for buying your vehicle for your family member. Like every buyer, all buyers wanted the best performance, fuel economy, comfortable ride, and good enthusiastic driving under budget. Cars under this price of $40,000 offer more premium design, …

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EVs Who Will Compete With Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

While Tesla Cybertruck is changing the game of EVs or EV Trucks a lot of brands are also ready to join this race. These are the five EV pick-ups and SUVs which are going to compete with famous and powerful Tesla Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck, since it’s first show off by Tesla gained a worldwide attention, not because …

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Tesla Cybertruck is Dead | Tesla Cybertruck Cancelled!

Overview The Tesla Cybertruck is dead as the ongoing development costs have far exceeded the original budget. This controversial looking EV truck will not reach the consumers with disappointment and all the pre-orders would be refunded. Why it is Cancelled? As already said, the R&D costs exceeded so Tesla had to cancel the Cybertruck. Elon …

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