Tesla Cybertruck is Dead | Tesla Cybertruck Cancelled!



The Tesla Cybertruck is dead as the ongoing development costs have far exceeded the original budget. This controversial looking EV truck will not reach the consumers with disappointment and all the pre-orders would be refunded.

Why it is Cancelled?

Tesla Cybertruck is Dead
Tesla Cybertruck is Dead

As already said, the R&D costs exceeded so Tesla had to cancel the Cybertruck. Elon said, “Very sad to say we’ve made the tough decision to cancel our Cybertruck“. This decision was made in the best interest of Tesla and its future. Musk calculated the numbers and finally determined that the current construction of Gigafactory in Austin, Texas will be better suited for only Model Y and Model 3 production.

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Tesla Cybertruck is Dead
Tesla Cybertruck is Dead

The Cybertruck and Model Y was assigned to be built at Austin, but with increased demands for Model 3, Musk took this decision. The Cybertruck‘s delayed launch and behind-the-scenes issues had resulted in a much higher price tag than initially announced.

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Tesla Cybertruck is Dead
Tesla Cybertruck is Dead

When announced in 2019, Musk promised a base price of $39,900 for the rear-wheel-drive model and adding $10K more you would get the all-wheel-drive model. With the ongoing pandemic and ongoing war in Ukraine, material costs have increased over the past couple of years. Tesla has also increased the Model Y cost with the cheapest Long Range beginning at $62,990 – a $20k increase over the Standard Range.

Well don’t worry this is an April Fools Day Prank, also we can’t miss seeing The Famous Cybertruck on-road as many customers already have a Cybertruck Whistle.


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