Tata’s Stryder ZEETA PLUS E-Bike Price, Motor, Battery, Top Speed & Features

Tata’s Stryder ZEETA PLUS E-Bike Details

The Tata-owned Stryder Zeeta Plus is a new electric bike built for dependable and environmentally friendly transportation. It serves to consumers looking for a cheap and ecological commuting alternative, thanks to its high-capacity battery and peak speed of 25 kmph. Stryder, a subsidiary of Tata International Limited, strives to be an appropriate choice for young professionals, college students, and others. With the Stryder Zeeta you can embrace the future of electric cycling.

Stryder ZEETA PLUS Motor, Battery and Top speed

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The Stryder Zeeta Plus electric cycle’s strength and effectiveness can be felt. With pedal assistance, it can travel up to 30 km thanks to its large capacity battery. This zero-emission bike smoothly travels across a variety of terrain at a peak speed of 25 kmph. Convenience and flexibility are provided by the larger battery capacity and short charge time of 3–4 hours. The Zeeta Plus blends stylish appearance with dependable performance thanks to its robust steel hardtail frame. Tata’s Stryder is your ticket to the green cycling of the future.

What’s it like to ride

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The Stryder Zeeta offers a unique riding experience with its pedal assist and twist grip throttle. The Zeeta doesn’t have multiple assist levels but rather a simple on/off pedal mechanism. The throttle on the right grip provides additional assistance while pedaling, making uphill climbs easier.


The Zeeta Plus is an excellent buy for Rs 25,599. It competes with traditional lower-mid-tier mountain bikes in terms of pricing, making it an appealing alternative for individuals searching for their first electric bicycle without breaking the bank. Don’t pass on this enticing offer from Tata’s Stryder Zeeta.

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