The Car Collection of Josh Harmon

These are some of the most amazing cars popular creator Josh Harmon has in his luxury car collection

Josh Harmon is a versatile content creator who combines his passion for drums and comedy to entertain over 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 3.4 million followers on Instagram. He is popular for his impressive drumming skills through covers, original compositions, and collaborations with other musicians. Josh infuses his videos with humour, adding comedic skits, witty commentary, and funny editing. Josh is among the most influential figures in the space of comedy and music, he has a net worth of over $1 million. Let’s take a look at what cool cars popular content creator Josh Harmon has in his luxury car collection.

BMW iX$87,100
Tesla Model 3$50,990

1. BMW iX – $87,100

The Car Collection of Josh Harmon
Source; BMW

Josh Harmon has a stunning BMW iX electric luxury SUV in his car collection. The iX offers a futuristic design that blends elegance and aerodynamics and redefines electric vehicle aesthetics. The electric SUV offers an electric drivetrain that promises powerful performance. It offers advanced technologies like iDrive 8 and a curved display to immerse passengers in a connected driving experience. The iX incorporates sustainable materials in its interior, showcasing BMW’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. The iX comes in a variety of battery packs and performance trims that deliver a mind-bending performance.

2. Tesla Model 3 – $50,990

The Car Collection of Josh Harmon
Source; Tesla

Next comes the Tesla Model 3 in the Josh Harmon car collection. The Model 3 packs cutting-edge technology, offers impressive performance, and a sleek design. The Model 3 sedan offers a remarkable range, with various configurations providing different mileage capabilities. The electric sedan is known for its quick acceleration and autopilot capabilities and offers incredibly advanced safety features. The minimalist interior includes a large touchscreen for controls and entertainment.

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