The Cars of Ashish Bhatia

These are some of the coolest cars popular influencer Ashish Bhatia has got in his luxury car collection

Ashish Bhatia is a multifaceted personality known for his diverse skills in content creation, and entertainment. As a prominent social media influencer, he has amassed a substantial following across platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Bhatia is recognized for his engaging content, ranging from lifestyle vlogs to his dancing skills. Ashish has shown his dynamic and charismatic persona and significantly impacts his audience. Bhatia is among the most influential figures on the internet and has a net worth of over Rs. 5 Crore. Let’s look at what cool cars popular dancer and choreographer Ashish Bhatia has in his luxury car collection.

Mini Cooper HardtopRs. 43.70 Lakh
Mercedes-Benz CLA-ClassRs. 31.72 Lakh

1. Mini Cooper Hardtop – Rs. 43.70 Lakh

The Cars of Ashish Bhatia
Source; Asbury Automotive Group

Starting with the Mini Cooper Hardtop in the cars collection of Ashish Bhatia. Mini’s iconic compact hatchback showcases retro styling with modern features. Known for its distinctive design, this Mini Cooper carries the classic Mini aesthetic while incorporating contemporary elements. The hatchback is available in various trims with each offering a unique balance of performance and efficiency. The interior offers a quirky and well-designed cabin and comes equipped with tech features like the infotainment system. The Mini Cooper Hardtop provides a lively driving experience with responsive handling.

2. Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class – Rs. 31.72 Lakh

The Cars of Ashish Bhatia
Source: Edmunds

Next comes the Mercedes CLA-Class in the cars collection of Ashish Bhatia. The CLA-Class is a stylish and compact luxury sedan that combines a sleek design with advanced technology. With its aerodynamic profile and distinctive coupe-like silhouette, the CLA-Class stands out in its segment. The interior is filled with premium materials and features modern tech amenities that include the MBUX infotainment system. The CLA-Class offers various performance options ranging from efficient turbocharged engines to the high-performance Mercedes-AMG variants.

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