The Judge Pickup : The Perfect Muscle Truck


The Judge Pickup is a fierce Pontiac pickup truck with some heavy GTO styling. Rendered by amazing digital artist @jlord8 on Instagram, turned this classic muscle car into a pickup truck. This threats the likes of Plymouth Road Runner and Ford Torino GT. And the GTO touches to give it a whole new aggressive look.

What’s New?

Judge Pickup

First off, the grille looks similar to the one found on the Pontiac GTO, adding a bit of flair to the truck. The grille features the GTO logo on the right-hand side, with a split in the middle. Along with four headlights, two on either side of the grille. The front fascia of the pickup truck, has plenty of chrome, with accents surrounding the edge of the grille, and the front bumper.

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Judge Pickup
Judge Pickup

Other changes include a Pontiac-style bulge in the center of the hood, while the truck floats on Pontiac Rally style equipped with ‘60s redline tires. The black paint gives the truck look extra sinister, and is also embraced off nicely with yellow stripes down the side with “The Judge” decals. If Pontiac had ever made a muscle truck, it would have looked very aggressive.


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