The Maggiore GranTurismo Is A Tribute To The Iconic Ferrari 288 GTO

A first glance, this car looks like a concept car that makes up for perfect nostalgia but it’s not. This is a restomod that makes us remember the old Ferrari days with a feeling of a new modern-day car. This is the Maggiore Granturismo, a work of art that challenges modern-day cars with its iconic design from the past. It takes the same mid-engined design, rear-drive, and pop-op lights and makes up for a delicious meal ready to serve. What Automobili Maggiore has done is remarkable, magnificent and looks surreal. The Maggiore Granturismo pays tribute to the iconic Ferrari 288 GTO and Nicola Materazzi, its creator.

Modifications & Design:

The Chassis of this 308 is strengthened and perfectly restored with aerospace aluminum-alloy suspension and Brembo racing brakes to fit in the new chassis. The company has placed the original V8 engine with its factory crankcase with new heads. They also used new intake manifold intercooler, 8 solo throttle bodies, turbochargers and a carbon plenum. The new 2.9-liter turbocharged V8 now makes a thrilling 592 horsepower paired with a new 6-speed manual transmission.

The Ferraris’ 308’s V8 is arguably one of the most experimented with and modified engines and has been honed for decades. It started with the Ferrari Dino’s V6 engine until it gained the fuel injection and four more valves with the increased two new cylinders. Then Sir Nicola Materazzi gets into the picture and made the turbocharged V8. With that turbo-V8 he created Ferrari’s most iconic cars; the 208, 308, and 288 GTO. This could be the design and engineering philosophy of Maggiore’s managers that led to the making of this beautiful piece of art.

The Maggiore Granturismo takes the step forward into what would the Ferrari 288 GTO looked like if their father didn’t die at an early age. As the founder, Gianluca Maggiore described: “The greatest regret was not having been able to share this moment with one of the people behind the project itself. This is a real tribute to one of the most illustrious engineers and designers the automotive world has ever had.”


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