The Most-Selling Cars of All Time


The Most-Selling Cars of All Time, made their respective brands turn into huge conglomerates. Some cars don’t ever find the right market to become permanent fixtures in the auto industry, and some are so popular that they are widely known. Here are ten vehicles that made it big and became too big. This list is sourced by

10. Ford Model T

The Most-Selling Cars
Via: History Hit

The Model T by Ford was America’s first affordable and mass-produced car, made for the affordable change in their garages. Made in 1908 in Detroit by Henry Ford, and lasted till 1927. Even after 92 years, this car is still on the best-selling list because it did what other car makers didn’t. Model T took just 20 years to sell 16.5 million of these.

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9. Honda Accord

The Most-Selling Cars

The Honda Accord was a compact car from 1976 to 1989, and in 1989, it shifted to the mid-sized sedan category. It was also the first Honda car to be produced in America. Since then, it has been selling like hotcakes in the US for being reliable, safe, and affordable. Accord’s total sales have crossed 17.5 million.

8. Ford Escort

The Most-Selling Cars
Via: Ford Media

The Ford Escort was used to live on two continents, as it was first introduced in the UK, then came to America. In Europe, the Ford Escort was introduced in 1968 and lived till 2004 after which it was discontinued. In America, the Escort came later in 1981 and was finally discontinued in 2003. That being said; 20 million Ford Escorts were sold in this period across the world.

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7. Lada Riva

The Most-Selling Cars
Via: Motor Trend

The Lada looked boxy and came in the dullest of colors, but in USSR, it was a popular one. The Lada Riva boasted 58 hp, enough to keep it going on the road and it was cheap. So, it was exported to Europe in bulk and was sold a lot, the car was still being made in Egypt till 2012 with a total sale of 20 million.

6. Volkswagen Beetle

The Most-Selling Cars
Via: Motor1

The Volkswagen Type 1 was one of the longest-running production cars in the world. Type 1 was built according to Hitler’s specifications, who wanted a people’s car for the Germans. But, barely any German can afford anything more than a motorcycle, so the Beetle was priced keeping that in mind. For the rest of the world, the Beetle won hearts with good performance and its iconic looks. The Beetle has sold an impressive 23.5 million units.

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5. Honda Civic

Via: Motor1

The first Honda Civic was a two-door model and with small dimensions, managed to have good interior space. The model continued till 2000, and after that, it became a four-door compact sedan known for being an affordable, reliable, and good performer. The outgoing Honda Civic is now in its tenth generation and is still strong in sales, with more than 24 million cars sold.

4. Volkswagen Passat

Via: Autoportal

The VW Passat has been in existence for almost 40 years now, after being debuted in 1970. As it has sported different body shapes and styling, it was always in the mid-to-large size family car, with many luxuries often being compared to traditional Audis. Altogether 30 million Passats have been sold worldwide.

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3. Volkswagen Golf

Via: Guide Auto

Another Volkswagen winner; is the Golf. The Golf is still living for eight generations and has always been a compact car. Initially, it was an FWD replacement for the RWD Beetle, but it became another nameplate while the Beetle continued to sell. It has great fuel economy, an affordable price, and an attractive design. The hatch has already been sold with an impressive 33 million and counting.

2. Ford F-Series

Via: Motor Authority

Ford’s popular pickup, the F-Series with a refreshed lineup in 2021 included an updated Heavy Duty and a new hybrid variant. The F-Series was by far the most dominant pickup in the U.S. and the 2021 challenges didn’t leave Ford behind. Ford sold 40 million trucks since 1977, making Henry Ford’s dreams come true.

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1. Toyota Corolla

Via: The Car Connection

After being introduced in 1966, the Toyota Corolla rose to the world’s bestselling vehicle in 1974. And has been sold with more than 46 million Corollas to date, and counting. From 1966 to 1991, it was classified as a subcompact car and after 1991, it became a compact car.

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