These American performance cars should have never flopped


Who wouldn’t love a great performance car? Americans love fast cars. With the advancing economy, the transportation sector improved improving the quality of roads. Great roads are built for speed. With this in mind, the American Car Manufacturer built some great performance cars which would give a tough fight to the German companies. Many were victims of bad timing from economics to just the wrong place in the market. A few did have issues like high cost or other concerns yet still offered some terrific performance. These American cars deserved a good place in the market but somehow flopped.

1. 2004 Pontiac GTO

2004 Pontiac GTO

The car has a 5.7-liter V8. Having a V8 in the car would deliver some great performance. The car generated almost 350 hp yet it still flopped. In addition this muscle was fitted with a six speed manual transmission. No doubt this car could have been a great hit in the market of American performance.

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2. Pontiac G8

Pontiac G8

The company did try building some great cars and even succeeded. The bad timing of the release made this G8 go away in drain. With the recession in 2008, the car wasn’t successful. The Pontiac has engine ranging from the basic 3.6-liter V6 with 256 hp to the stronger 6.0-liter V8 options with up to 415 hp. In conclusion Pontiac had to shut down with about 11,000 of these performance cars in inventory.

3. 1970 AMC AMX

1970 AMC AMX

AMC just released banger in the market. The car had a 6.4-liter V8 capable of generating up to 340 hp. The bad timing with the oil crisis hit the company and forced them to end the production of the car very soon. However there’s no doubt that this muscle performance deserved a longer life.

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4. Cadillac XLR

Cadillac XLR

This lowride convertible sedan had great performance. It mixed luxury with a strong 4.6-liter V8 capable of up to 443 hp in the “V” version. Cadillac had high hopes from this car but the price of the car affected it sales and was another car getting to the list of not quite successful cars.

5. DeLorean DMC

DeLorean DMC

The sound of this car was just a feeling of heaven to a gearhead. The car has heavy build. It even attracted attention due to its Gullwing Doors. The heavy build of the car was not supported well by the weak engine. The car had a 2.85-litre V6. It generates a mere 130 Hp which is not enough to support its weight. However has the car been fitted with a 4L V8, the car would have been a great hit in the market.

6. Vector W8

Vector W8

The car was built in 1990. In that year it had a 6.0-liter V8 that could produce 625 hp. It was unheard that a engine could produce so much power. The company could only sell enought to continue production. Has the price been a little low the car could have been the speed king of streets.


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