These Are The Cars Megan Crabbe Has In Her Collection


Megan Crabbe Car Collection


Megan Jayne Crabbe is a UK-based digital creator and author. She is known for her content around creating awareness about the topics such as body positivity, eating disorder, etc. She also covers the topics such as mental health and feminism. Megan wrote her first book in 2017 and currently, she has over 1.3 million followers on her social media. She has also toured to make people more aware of her empowering talks about not hating our bodies and other things. Let’s look at what cars Megan Crabbe has got in her collection.

Megan Crabbe Car CollectionPrice
Range Rover Vogue$78,000
Jaguar F-Pace$56,000
Cars of Megan Crabbe

1. Range Rover Vogue

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Land Rover cars have always been one of the fun driving and powerful cars on the market. They boast a durable but neat-looking design and carry incredible off-road capabilities. The Vogue features an incredibly spacious cabin with many luxury elements and unbeatable off-roading capabilities. It packs a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that makes 296 hp of power and can accelerate in under 7 seconds.

2. Jaguar F-Pace

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Next up in her collection is the awesome Jaguar F-Pace. The F-Pace packs a powerful 296 hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine mixed with a beautiful-looking design. The F-Pace packs a luxurious and spacious cabin with plenty of features and every kind of amenities you could hope for. The Jaguar F-Pace offers itself as a great crossover that offers mostly every kind of customer.

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