This 170-HP Porsche 912c Restomod Costs A Whopping $320,000

The Porsche 912 has been a part of the company’s history but with an odd spot in mind. The 912 featured an air-cooler four-cylinder engine from the 356 and packed the design from the 911 we know today. The 912 had a good run between 1965 to 1969. A Budapest-based tuner, Kamm Manaufaktur built the iconic Porcsche 912c restomod.

The Hungarian tuner called their creation, the Porsche 912c with a donated model of the 912 to finish up the restoration. The 912c is built from the ground up with carbon-fiber body panels instead of using steel panels. With the chassis improvements and strengthening Kamm has also used Lexan windows. Thanks to its carbon-fiber and lightweight materials, this Porsche 912c weighs just 1,653 lbs (750 kg).




The original Porsche 912 made a good 90 hp with its 1.6-liter air-cooled flat-four. Kamm Manaufaktur has fitted a new 2.0-liter air-cooled flat-4 engine, tuned to make over 170 horsepower. The Porsche 912c restomod offers a 5-speed manual transmission with a rear-axle limited-slip differential sourced from ZF. The restomod comes with a new custom-tuned suspension setup with adjustable sway bars and dampers at both axes. To improve the performance further, Kamm has put new brakes with Brembo aluminum taken from the 911 964-generation. The Porsche 912c rides on the new center-locking three-piece Yokohama AD08RS tires.

With a carbon-fiber body, Kamm has added new seats built with lightweight material to decrease the weight further. The cabin offers air-conditioning system and the interior is nicely appointed with a new audio system onboard.

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Kamm Manaufaktur has plans to build more examples of their custom Porsche 912c restomod starting in 2023. The 912c comes with an asking price of a hefty $323,841 (325,000 Euros) thanks to its complete carbon-fiber body. The restomod is up for reservations with limited slots that are filling fast.

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