This Is The Cost To Get Your Car Fully Wrap In United States

Cost to get your car wrap in the U.S

Wrapping your car may be a good thing for you to get out of boredom and make your vehicle cool. Goodrich corporation started car wrapping in 1926 for wealthy people to get their cars wrapped. In the early 50s, companies started using vinyl in the form of a PPF layer that was popular in military vehicles and sports cars. Car wrapping was in every way, whether you wanted cool stripes or any other artwork or color the automakers were not offering. Fast forward to the 21st century, car wrapping became insanely popular among any kind of gearhead. Today, many tuners and companies offer a variety of vinyl wrapping options from different price points. Let’s look at the cost to get your car fully wrapped in the United States.

1. Is it expensive to wrap a car?

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The answer is yes, wrapping your car may be cheaper than paint. Wrapping a small car can cost around $2,000 and can go up to $10,000 depending on the size. There are a ton of things to know such as body quality, paint color, and labor costs when you paint your car. A complete paint job is much more expensive than fully wrapping your car. Car wrap usually consists of the material costs and the size of the vehicle that is cheap compared to paint.

2. How much does a car wrap cost?


Car wraps are usually cheaper than getting a complete paint job on your car. They usually cost between $2,500-$5,000. An average small-size car can cost around $2,000 and can go to $10,000 for full-size SUVs. Talking about supercars and exotic cars, a usual wrapping cost can start from $7,000 and whereas a three-layer paint job can exceed the $28,000 mark. Also read: Top 10 Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars In 2023

3. How durable are car wraps?

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Average car wraps can last for around 5-7 years which is impressive considering the costs. In comparison, a high-quality expensive car wrap can last for more than a decade. Although paint jobs can last for over 15 years, you’re not going to pay the price again and again right? Car wraps, unlike paint work, will protect your car’s body throughout your usage.

4. Is it worth it?


After acknowledging the price difference and the durability, we can say that getting your car wrapped is worth it. An average vinyl wrap will provide a cool new look for your car and offers great flexibility with materials and choices. Moreover, a good wrap can protect your car’s body and the paintwork during your ownership.

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