Tim Allen Car Collection & Net Worth


Tim Allen is a popular American actor and comedian. Allen’s meteoric rise to fame came with many big films such as the “Toy Story” franchise and the “Santa Clause” trilogy. However, as gearheads, what fascinates us the most about Allen has nothing to do with his acting skills or jocularity. Rather, we are dazed by his incredible passion for automobiles. Impressively, Allen owns or has once owned all the cars he has ever dreamt of. Let’s take a look at Tim Allen car collection.

Tim Allen Car CollectionLaunch Price(USD)
1966 Mustang GT350H$2,522
1986 Ford RS200$61,316
1972 Ford Bronco$3,712
1967 Porsche 911S$6,500
1968 Camaro 427 COPO$22,000
1953 Ford F-100 Custom Pickup$33,500
1996 LT5 Impala SS$2,700
2017 Ford GT$453,750
1965 Shelby Cobra$7,500 
1965 Jaguar E-Type$6,490
Tim Allen Car Collection

10. 1966 Mustang GT350H

For gearheads, there couldn’t possibly be many things more awesome than owning a Mustang GT350R, but that might be debatable. Allen thinks the car is powered by the American version of a Ferrari engine. This model is one of the few special Hertz model units built back in the day. According to Allen, it’s one of just 50 units of Hertz’s four-speed GT350 ever produced. Notably, Shelby-American produced these cars for Hertz, a rental-car company, as part of the Rent-A-Car program it had in the ‘60s.

9. 1986 Ford RS200

Allen owns a 1986 Ford RS200. A rare and amazing rally car, the R200 however had an underwhelming racing campaign, no thanks to a series of fatal accidents during competitions. In 1986, at the Rally de Portugal, an RS200 rally car was involved in what has been described as one of the most dramatic accidents ever in WRC history, leaving three spectators dead and several others injured. True gearheads like Allen appreciates the significance of the R200, acquiring this unit for a humungous amount even though it’s not road-legal.

8. 1972 Ford Bronco

A first-generation Bronco can also be found among the awesome automobiles in Allen’s garage. Precisely, the truck is a pristine 1972 Bronco, but its short wheelbase is not of Allen’s favorite features. Nonetheless, this Bronco is a classic. The 1972 model, like other first-generation Broncos, is built on a 92-inch wheelbase, and it comes fitted with a four-wheel-drive system while retaining its stock 302 cubic inches V8 engine. A thrilling vehicle that Allen seems to have forfeited for his Mrs. who adores it.

7. 1967 Porsche 911S

Can a collection of cars be said to be cool without a Porsche model in it? Probably not, and Allen doesn’t buy that idea either. Hence, his garage features a 1967 Porsche 911S. The “S” in the name means Super, and it’s earned for a couple of reasons. These include an increase in power output by a whopping 20%, going from 148 to 180 horsepower. Also, the model is fitted with vented brake discs and further modified with an anti-sway bar and Koni shocks among others.

6. 1968 Camaro 427 COPO

We found a 1968 Camaro 427 COPO in the collection. It’s a car Allen dreamt of all through his teenage years, and this unit has been thoroughly upgraded by the incredibly talented Bodie Stroud with input from Allen as well. The powertrain now features a potent Corvette 427 engine with an output of 505 horsepower, mated to a Keisler 5-speed transmission. Other upgrades on the car include a Detroit Speed chassis for improved rigidity, and it is finished in exquisite dark green paint.

5. 1953 Ford F-100 Custom Pickup

Allen bought this awesome truck while goofing around at the 2019 Barrett-Jackson Auctions in Scottdale, Arizona. Called the FR100, it’s a modified 1953 Ford F-100 custom pickup fabricated in collaboration with McLaren, in celebration of Ford Motor Company’s production of the F-100. Allen claims it’s the third Ford truck he has bought from Barrett-Jackson. Notably, the American actor has also made a couple of changes to the already modified truck to make it even more enjoyable to drive.

4. 1996 LT5 Impala SS

Next in the Tim Allen car collection is the Chevy Impala SS. During his days of filming “Home Improvement,” Allen needed a car with a presidential or police car demeanor, hence, he built two Chevy projects. Sitting nicely among his collection of awesome cars is the surviving unit, a 1996 Chevrolet LT5 Impala SS. The modification job features an engine upgrade, as the car is now powered by an aluminum 427 ZR1 motor fabricated by Mercury Marine in Oklahoma. The interior is fitted with a mix of Cadillac and Jaguar fittings, and Allen claims it’s “frighteningly fast.”

3. 2017 Ford GT

You literally can’t own a Ford GT. By that, we mean it’s very hard to acquire a new GT, but that’s all the motivation Allen needed to get himself this automotive beast. Feeling a little unsafe in his Porsche Carrera GT, Allen sold it to fund the acquisition of this amazing 2017 Ford GT. In his words, the Ford GT is “a race car for the streets,” and the performance is more “exhilarating than anything he’s ever driven.” However, Allen is looking to sell the car, and whoever ends up buying it must be quite lucky.

2. 1965 Shelby Cobra

A collection of cool cars couldn’t possibly get cooler than having an original Shelby Cobra in the mix. And that’s exactly what we found in Allen’s incredibly enthralling collection. Shelby Cobra is an iconic sports car in both US and England. It was made between 1962 to 1967. The model is among the greatest American sports cars of all time. Allen’s Shelby Cobra got an upgrade in the late ‘80s with a roll-bar, black interior, appropriate wheels, and natural flares.

1. 1965 Jaguar E-Type

Allen owns a 1965 Jaguar E-Type with 99-point restoration he bought 20 years ago.it. Allen is a top-level gearhead and, in his opinion, the Jaguar E-Type is the best-looking car ever made. Notably, Allen isn’t one of those super-rich car collectors who buy cars and lock them up. He often drives his cars. During a tour of his garage, Allen revealed that his Jaguar E-Type has been one of his favorite cars to drive.

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