Too Short Car Collection And Net Worth

American Rapper Too Short Car Collection

Too Short car collection is all about ultra luxury and fast vehicle which includes cars like Bentley Continental GT and much more. Todd Anthony Shaw (born April 28, 1966), known by his stage name Too Short is an American rapper and record producer. He started his career in 1987 and made a cult following with his west coast rap music. The rapper is known for his captivating lyrics and heavy writing with his music. The multi-platinum-selling rapper has many popular songs such as “Blow the Whistle”, “The Ghetto”, “I’m A Player” and many others. The rapper earns more than $2 million yearly and has an estimated net worth of around $18 million. Let’s look at what cars rapper Too Short has got inside his amazing car collection.

1. Bentley Continental GT – $227,000


Rapper Too Short has got an expensive Bentley Continental GT inside his amazing car collection. The Continental GT features a high-quality design blended with a rich cabin and provides a delightful driving experience. The GT rocks a powerful V8 engine under the hood that makes 542 horsepower. Combined with an ultra-rich cabin fitted with advanced technology, the Bentley offers one of the most luxurious driving experiences one could get. The Continental GT with its bespoke design offers the supreme driving experience the British automaker is known for.

2. Porsche 911 Carrera – $160,000


Next comes the Porsche 911 that Too Short has got inside his wonderful car collection. The 911 offers a beautiful design blended with a high-quality build and offers a mind-bending performance. The Carrera packs a powerful six-cylinder engine that makes 473 hp of power. Paired with a sporty PDK gearbox and rear-wheel drive, the car offers a thrilling ride. Combined, the 911 Carrera provides one of the most athletic driving experience one could hope from a Porsche. Also read: Nelly Car Collection: 2023 Cars of Nelly

3. Cadillac Eldorado – $80,000


Apart from all the Caddilacs made, the Cadillac Eldorado is among the best Caddies the automaker has made. The Eldorado checked all the boxes with its stunning design, smooth ride, and supreme performance. The Cadillac set the new standard in making one of the most beautiful cars after it was launched. The Eldorado with its elegant looks and faithful performance was a rarity that most buyers still crave for today. its performance, the Eldorado was also rare

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