Top 10 Best European Luxury Cars In 2023

Best European Luxury Cars

European automakers are known for building some of the most luxurious cars on the planet. Who doesn’t like luxury cars, from top executives to multi-billionaires, everyone loves luxury cars. They are a perfect treat for your driving needs offering a supremely comfortable ride thanks to their prestigious quiet cabin. European cars offer a superb design and thrilling driving experience filled with rich elements. Undoubtedly, the carmakers in the old victorian continent have mastered the art of providing rich design and stunning craftsmanship. In a market full of million-dollar hypercars, these are some of the best luxury cars that start from a good budget and go until a deep hole in your pocket appears. Let’s look at the best European luxury cars you can buy right now.

Best European Luxury CarsPrice (USD)
Volvo S90$57,000
BMW 7-Series$96,695
Mercedes-Benz EQS$105,450
Porsche Panamera$135,200
Mercedes-Benz S-Class$115,550
Porsche Panamera$135,200
Audi RS E-Tron GT$143,665
Land Rover Range Rover$159,075
Mercedes-Maybach S-Class$230,000
Bentley Flying Spur$243,925
Rolls-Royce Ghost$343,000
Rolls-Royce Phantom$480,000
Top 10 Best European Luxury Cars

10. Volvo S90 – $57,000


The 2023 Volvo S90 ticks all the boxes with its elegant design and amazing driving. It has got everything from eye-pleasing looks and charming performance. The sedan comes with a capable turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines that make up to 455 hp of power. The S90 offers a rocket-like acceleration from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. The car offers a comfortable ride and packs a handsomely-designed cabin that offers loads of comfort and advanced tech features.

9. BMW 7-Series – $96,695


The all-new BMW 7-Series is the brand’s best attempt at delivering the best possible luxury driving with maximum comfort. The new 7-Series is finally at the spot at competing with the Bentleys and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The car features an outstanding design, a luxurious cabin with advanced tech, and a buttery smooth ride. The 7-Series’ opulent exterior is blended with a rich and handsomely-designed interior with almost all-possible luxury you can imagine. The Bimmer packs both turbo-six and turbo V8 engines that cater to every driver’s needs and offer a supreme ride. The 2023 7-Series offers the best-in-class experience with its indulgent ride.

8. Mercedes-Benz EQS – $105,450


Next comes the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan with its exquisite aerodynamic design and offers ferocious and supreme performance. The EQS sedan offers the coolest exterior and a premium interior filled with advanced technology and comfort. The sedan packs two electric motors that make 516 hp and delivers a range of 350 miles. The EV provides one of the best driving experiences packed with serious luxury and cool tech making it among the top electric cars one could buy right now. Also read: Top 10 Powerful V12 Engine Cars In 2023

7. Porsche Panamera – $135,200


The 2023 Porsche Panamera GTS features a splendid design combined with a posh cabin and delivers a thrilling performance. The Panamera tops at offering the best sporty driving with its front-engined design. The car offers Porsche’s best athletic performance you’d get from the flagship 911 sportscar. The sedan packs a high-output 6-cylinder hybrid engine that makes 455 hp of power with all-wheel drive. The Panamera E-Hybrid excels at providing one of the sportiest and most luxurious rides. The sedan packs a high-build design with a feature-rich cabin and is among the best European luxury cars.

6. Audi RS E-Tron GT – $143,665


The 2023 Audi E-Tron GT takes the carmaker’s luxury approach with its cutting-edge modern design and offers luxurious sporty driving. The RS E-Tron GT packs two electric motors that produce 637 horsepower with standard AWD. The luxury grand tourer presents a spacious, lavish cabin with advanced features and incredible comfort. The E-Tron GT offers supreme athletic riding and offers precise steering feedback and playful handling. With its splendid performance and rich driving, the Audi E-Tron GT is among the best European luxury cars you can buy. Also readTop 10 Most Expensive Electric Cars In 2023

5. Land Rover Range Rover – $159,075


Land Rovers have always been the standard of crazy off-roading experience with almost comfort and style. The 2023 Land Rover Range Rover delivers that with its breathtaking design and futuristic modern cabin. The new Range Rover is among the best SUVs you can buy thanks to its futuristic design and staggering performance. Land Rover’s largest SUV offers supreme refined driving and offers a comfortable spacious cabin. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning-looking cars that offer mystique performance. The Range Rover packs a capable twin-turbo V6 engine that makes up to 434 hp of power with standard all-wheel drive.

4. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class – $230,000


The Mercedes Maybach S680 is for the wealthiest of buyers who want the best from the German automaker. Maybach has been making some of the most luxurious and rich cars known for their high-build design and smooth performance. The Maybach S-Class series was built to rival the cars from BMW and Rolls-Royce. The S680 comes with a sleek design and a posh cabin designed to prevent you from even sweating to moving around. The best-in-class spacious cabin looks elegant and paring with the mighty V12, resulting in a buttery smooth ride.

3. Bentley Flying Spur – $243,925


The 2023 Bentley Flying Spur features an elegant design blended with its supremely rich interior and a stunning riding experience. The Flying Spur features the brand’s super-luxury performance packed inside a long body. Every Bentley is engineered with the hands of humans and packs almost every extravaganza you can imagine. The Flying Spur features a powerful 2.9L twin-turbo V6 hybrid engine with a good 536 hp with standard AWD. Combined with its ferocious acceleration and fantastic performance, this beast is one heck of a machine.

2. Rolls-Royce Ghost – $343,000


Next comes the Rolls-Royce Ghost with its iconic modern design catered to practical buyers. The car still costs more than an average supercar but offers a more fluid ride and driving ability compared to the Phantom. The Ghost packs a grand cabin that provides a plethora of customization opinions from first-class seats to champagne glass refrigerators. It’s still a Rolls-Royce that offers a buttery-smooth ride with an unimaginably quiet cabin and packs almost everything you can imagine. Under the hood lies a mighty twin-turbo V12 that makes 563 hp with all-wheel drive. Also read: The 10 Most Luxurious Car Interiors In The World In 2023

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom – $480,000


Next comes the mighty Rolls-Royce Phantom, the eldest of all Rolls. The largest Rolls offers one of the quietest cabins with unimaginable luxury and top-notch comfort. The prestige is matched with a super-refined twin-turbo V12, that makes a hefty 563 hp with standard all-wheel drive. The RR can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. The Phantom with its majestic presence and unbelievable luxury is among the best European luxury cars you can buy.

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