Top 10 Luxury Cars With Suicide Doors You Can Buy In 2023

Cars have gone crazier since the automakers started making them. From the long hooded design and beefier engines to staggering performance, cars have gotten insane over the years. In this article, we’re going to talk about cars with suicide doors, coach doors, or whatever you may call them. The name “suicide doors” comes from how they open and some design flaws that may harm the passengers. Because they are joined at the rear, the doors present a risk for both passengers and people nearby.

They also cause the threat to passengers to fall out if the doors don’t close properly. Despite its disadvantage, they had the advantage of easier access to enter inside the cabin. The suicide also helps carmakers to make a roomier cabin with more space thanks to their amazing construction. In modern-day we know just the brand which is inclined in making their cars with suicide doors. Yes, it’s Rolls-Royce, but do you know that they are more cars that offer the same coolness? Let’s take look at the top 10 cars with suicide doors that you can buy in 2023.

10. 1968 Ford Thunderbird

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The iconic Ford Thunderbird debuted back in 1955 s the company’s luxury car. Over the years, the first two-door coupe got bigger and offered a good four-door design in 1967. Along with a new bigger body, the T-bird also got a beefier V8 engine under the hood, powering the four-door sedan. The 68′ Ford Thunderbird came with an optional 7.0-liter (429-cubic-inch) V8 engine that made a good 360 horsepower. Apart from that, the 68′ T-bird featured a beautifully designed cabin and suicide doors making it among the first ever cars to feature them. If you can find a good edition version in perfect condition, the Ford T-bird is one of the best-looking cars with suicide doors you can buy in 2023.

9. Mini Cooper Clubman

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Next comes the Mini Cooper Clubman, one of the most popular names in the premium, and station wagon market. The 2008 model made headlines with its decent performance and cool-looking suicide doors. The 2008 Clubman came with a capable turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offered up to 172 horsepower. Combined with the well-designed interior, fun-to-drive nature, and plenty of space, you can buy the Clubman in 2023 if you’re looking for it.

8. Honda Element


With a practical design, loads of space, a comfortable interior, and plenty of capabilities, the Honda Element to this day have a cult following. One of Honda’s legendary SUVs, the Element offered flexible utility with its roomier cabin, and easy handling made it stand out from the competition. The Element featured a good design and featured a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that made over 166 horsepower. The ultimate convenience and reliability of the SUV made it popular even after two decades. Also, the added suicide doors made the car, even more, cooler compared to the Ford Edge and the Jeep Compass.

7. Toyota FJ Cruiser

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Next comes the Toyota FJ Cruiser, one of the most popular off-roading SUVs in the world. Toyota’s popular SUV was made as the answer to the rivals from Land Rover Jeep and Ford. The FJ Cruiser featured a gorgeous-looking design, reliable engine, and awesome suicide doors which made it stand out from the rest. The FJ Cruiser came with a  4.0-liter 1GR-FE V6 engine that made a power output of 268 hp. The SUV’s unique design and capable off-roading abilities made it a style statement and a worthy choice for buyers.

6. Mazda RX-8


The Mazda RX-8 is not the best and most popular car the automaker made, but one of the most innovative projects attempted by them. The RX-8 featured a cool-looking design equipped with suicide doors and a neat design cabin. Mazda RX-8 offered a naturally aspirated 1.3-liter twin-rotor Wankel engine that made 191 hp. Mazda equipped the RX-8 with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that made up to 232 hp in the U.S. The RX-8 came paired with a 6-speed manual transmission that made it possible to easily control the car and exhibit the maximum amount of thrill.

5. Faraday Future FF91


Faraday Future is an electric startup based in California that showed a prototype, which was intended for production. But, now says to launch the car before the end of 2022 as they need more funds. The delayed production of the FF 91, reveals that a regulatory filing needs more capital to launch the car in 2022. The automaker is targeting to raise around $325 million in capital for continuing operations. The company announced that the production will start in the third quarter of this year. But, many remember that the company has a history of missing claimed production dates more than once in the past five years.

4. Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition

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The 2020 Lincoln Continental is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cars the automaker has ever made. The Continental offers a super-rich with loads of room and luxury elements that left the American buyers running with their money. The sedan easily rivaled German sedans like the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes S-Class with its design and luxury. The Lincoln Continental entered production back in the 1940s and was made till 2020 after the production ended. The 80th-anniversary edition Continental came with a 3.7-liter V6 engine that made305 horsepower. The Continental offered loads of luxury and its cool suicide doors make it one of the best cars you can buy in 2023.

3. BMW i3

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This BMW is probably one of the coolest-looking compact sports EVs on the market right now. Built on the same bespoke platform as the VW ID.3, the BMW i3 sports a beautiful design and a high-tech comfortable cabin. The i3 features an electric motor that makes 170 hp of power delivered to the rear wheels. The BMW i3 is one of the best EVs if you want a stylish-looking car with efficient but capable performance. The modern looks, capable performance, and cool suicide doors made the i3 one of the best cars buy in 2023.

2. Rolls-Royce Cullinan


It is not uncanny that almost every major carmaker has entered the SUV market segment to cater to the masses. With the 2023 Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the British luxury carmaker has offered the best of their craftsmanship packed into a high-riding practical design. The Cullinan offers a badge of prestige with refinement the brand is popular for. From its brilliantly designed exterior to a handstitched interior made with rich materials. The Rolls SUV offers a super-refined V12 that makes 563 hp that delivers a buttery smooth drive.

1. Rolls-Royce Ghost


Next comes the Rolls-Royce Ghost, a prestigious luxury sedan that appeals to more practical and modern buyers. Despite being the younger sibling to the Phantom, the Ghost doesn’t exactly lack in anything other than being a little less spacious compared to it. It features a magnificent design with a supreme level of richness carried inside the cabin. Under the hood, the Ghost offers a twin-turbocharged V12 that makes 563 horsepower. This car is a fine piece of machine with a true spirit of craftsmanship and a lot of extravaganzas. All that combined makes the Ghost one of the best cars with suicide doors to buy in 2023.

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