Top 10 German Cars For Best Customization In 2023

10 Best German Cars You Can Buy For Customization

German cars are hyped and known for performance with luxury, These German cars comes with endless tuning options, Capital investment is all you need for customization and tuning and output is more than the expectations. German cars with performance and luxury comes in the price point globally which belongs on the higher end but what comes with the price is all worth it. The fastest cars in Central Europe costs you around more than a $100K like Porsche’s 911’s and still are among the most popular cars not only in Central Europe but all around the globe. The cost of these cars does not limit to what comes inside as stock options but also giving out more with various tuning and customization with ease of access these can be pushed to limit with unbelievable possibilities.

The German giants like Audi , Porsche , Volkswagen , Mercedes also produce cars that are capable of the most tuning options including simples ECU upgrades and tuning modifications to all the maxed out customizations possible. The Japanese cars known for their customization and so called tuner cars , The German cars brings you all with the beast engines stocked up straight out of factory where the 1000 horsepower lie no where near the JDM’s. These German cars tuning and customization might be on a bit dear side but the result is dearer and is ready to gap the competition by big margins.

10. Porsche 911

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The legendary and the iconic Porsche 911 is identity of the 911 lineups. Even though various 911’s comes with factory-direct performance packed inside the base version 911 can be tuned with endless options bringing out the best performance and power. Taking the Base the 911 comes with 379 horsepower on combining it with forced air induction and some ECU chip tuning the beast is overcharged with so much power. Many of the customization including gearbox tuning , upgraded cams and other modifications are not economical for all but the upgrades can push the power output to 1000 horsepower.

9. Volkswagen Golf

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Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular cars in Germany. Golf is popular with its endless tuning options and performance packed trims like GTi and R. Endless tuner options available specifically for Golf makes it one of the best German car to customize including aftermarket parts. Golf upgrades and customizations can vary from basic tuner options available to big engine modifications . Golf GTi and R are more popular with there engine component upgrade options including cam shaft mods , engine blocks and piston upgrades.

8. Mercedes Benz 560 SEC

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Mercedes Benz 560 SEC is one of the expensive S class sedan which also comes with endless tuning options . This Sedan from Mercedes comes with the powerful V8 and producing 350 horsepower which can be tuned to a good extent. Mercedes 560 SEC can be tuned with engine which unlocks the potential giving it some drastic improvements in power output. This combined with bolt on mods and changes extend the upgrades to even more options and performance.

7. Volkswagen Beetle

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The Volkswagen Beetle AKA “The People’s Car” with the boxer engine and classic looks comes with endless tuning options . The great aftermarket parts availability and support gives the option to tune it at a big scale. Enough capital investment and this car can be modified with endless options and can be shaped into anything in performance perspective.

6. BMW M5 (E60)

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BMW M5 stacked up with the V10 is another beast that comes with endless tuning options. Adding after market bolt on mods and tuners brings the exponential increase in performance. Modifying the air intake and other tunes pushes the output to over 600 horsepower. V10 in M5 is naturally aspirated that enhances and improves the tuning options. ECU and tuner chips with market support adds to the options even more.

5. BMW 3 Series (E46)


BMW E46 is another BMW with endless tuning options. E46 is a powerful sedan popular for its compatibility of tuner chips and customizations with aftermarket supports. New ways and techniques the BMW E46 can be unleashed with enormous power and capabilities. Engines and ECU tuner chips are not only the tunes that are popular. Upgrading the ride height , air intakes and suspensions makes it even more tuner optimized. Cams , pistons upgrades and are not included.

4. Audi RS3

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Audi RS3 outstands with its 5 Cylinder stock engine. The RS3 sports generates 401 horsepower without any tuning. Simple Tuners , Superchargers and ECU chips creates endless options for Tuning and pushing the performance even more. Several stage kits is what increases the output fueling the score up to 540 horsepower. This score crosses the 650 horsepower mark with engine tune components like cams , pistons and intakes.

3. Mercedes-AMG A45 S

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The Mercedes-AMG A45 S with a power house of inline 4 producing 421 horsepower capable of even more all with endless tuning options. The 2.0L M 139 generates enough to make any tunes pointless. Upgrading cams , intakes , engines and specially body mods swaps the Mercedes-AMG A45is all worthy to bring out the hidden power.

2. Mercedes-AMG E63 S

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The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a mean machine when it comes to the stock specs. It comes with a twin turbo V8 generating to over 600 horsepower. Available tuners and engine upgrades makes AMG E63 a car with endless tuning options. The Mercedes AMG E63 S is accessible and ease the installation of air intakes and tuner chips , Thanks to all the extra room under the hood. All the tuner upgrades and robust turbo additions the horsepower can be bumped to more than 700 horsepower .

1. Porsche Panamera Turbo S

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The Porsche Panamera Turbo S is not on the looks but damn right on the power delivery and endless tuning options . The Porsche Panamera Turbo S comes with a power packed twin turbo V8 cranking insane 620 Horsepower .Moreover with loose pockets this can be taken over 700 horsepower Most Popular upgrades for Porsche Panamera includes the turbochargers , exhausts and air filters . All of this accuracy and performance increase comes with German genetics.

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