Top 10 Reasons Why Bentleys Are So Expensive

Popular British carmaker Bentley is known for making one of the most luxurious saloon cars on the market. Every Bentley car is built with the touch of human hands from manufacturing to set up the car. From the paint job and interior to engine assembly, all cars are built with human hands instead of using machines and robots. The designs require the use of fine material with some being some of the rarest ones to find and fit in your car. The result comes in an extremely well-designed car fitted with every comfort and amenities with silky-smooth and refined performance. The handmade craftsmanship and the plush interior add up quite well to the overall cost of the car. Here are the top 10 reasons why Bentleys are so expensive cost a fortune o buy.

10. Quality of Materials

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It is obvious how much money you pay is not for nothing. The British manufacturer uses the finest choices of material to make your car worth every single penny. The aluminum and steel allow body that helps to reduce weight and carry durability to make their cars last for decades. The high-quality parts with the technology from headlights to instrument clusters inside the cabin. They use LED lights instead of halogen headlights, and use the best materials to make the cars more efficient and high on safety. As money is not the factor in building cars, the carmaker has the best tech available at the time to make their cars stand out. Due to the expensive and rare used parts, it is why Bentleys are so expensive.

9. Fancy Features

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The Bentleys comes with a high six-figure price tag so it is quite obvious the car packs every set of features you could expect from it. Every car starts with standard features with many add-on features to choose from and make your car according to your needs. The cars pack dual and quad-zone climate control, a 12-inch infotainment screen, and Bang & Olufsen audio system. Whether it is ventilated/ heated seats or features like Apple CarPlay or any driver assist features, the cars feature every kind of feature you need.

8. Hand-Assembled Parts

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From the perfectly stitched interiors to the engine assembly, every car is assembled by hands. It is the philosophy that the brand has carried for decades. The touch of humans is one of the core reasons Bentley customers pay the high price. It takes over 130 hours to build a Bentley which requires a team of engineers for just one car. Every Bentley is made and assembled with hands and precision which is why it takes time to finish one car.

7. Hand-Painted Exterior

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Now that you know about the hand-assembled parts, Bentleys are known to have a human touch from the interior to the exterior of the car. They offer high-quality paint options precision. And offers tons of color choices and paint finishes, and even offers unique customizations to make every car stand out from the rest. Every car is painted precisely by hands which takes much time to fully absorb the coat to the body of the car.

6. Luxurious Interior

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One have the idea of knowing why Bentleys are so expensive to buy. Every vehicle that comes out of the factory is a fine piece of engineering marvel. Thanks to the legacy of making one of the most luxurious cars in the industry, Bentley knows how to make beautiful-looking cars. All vehicles that are made inside the plant are a work of art, all cars are pushed with high-quality used materials. Bentley offers tons of customization with their cars apart from the standard features. From the numerous paint color options to interior styles and material options from wood to leather, you name it and your car will have it. The luxurious interior incorporates a smooth and effortless driving experience with supreme ride quality.

5. Powerful Engine & Performance

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With an ultra-luxury interior and elegant exterior, Bentleys are powered by a behemoth of power from their heart. Under the hood lies the powerful engine which is specially tuned and made for only Bentley cars and perfected to deliver monstrous power with supreme levels of refinement. Most cars feature a V8 configuration but the best ones are the W12s which Bentleys are exclusive to come with. The W12 engines require less space than the typical V12s and offer more torque with an all-wheel-drive system.

As they are more compact than other 12-cylinder engines, there is a lot more space to fit other things within the compact body of the car. The top-of-the-line W12 engines offer more than 667 pound-feet of torque with a supreme level of refinements to offer a hassle-free and comfortable riding experience. The engines are one of the major parts of these British cars, they take several days to just finish making the engine itself as the engines are built by hand.

4. Low Availability & High Bentleyivity

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Due to their high demand and low availability, Bentleys are a rare kind. From the hand-made engines and paint-job to the hand-stitched interior, these cars are takes a lot of time to build. The Bentley Mulsanne which most people love takes more than 400 man hours to make and requires a team of engineers for the same car. These cars take quite a lot of time to just make, whereas other manufacturers pull out millions of cars in just one year. Bentley on the other hand made only 12,400 cars in 2020. These hand-built cars have always carried the brand’s legacy of making one of the richest cars.

3. Brand Credibility & Image

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Bentley has been very long in the business of making some of the best cars in the world. These highly desirable cars have always been a status symbol among the wealthy class. With the high price and high demands, these cars have turned out to be real money makers for the brand. Most of all, people trust the brand as much as they trust any other thing the cars have been one of the best-in-class prestige and luxury that shines from far away to anyone’s eyes.

2. More Than A Century In Business

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Since it was founded in 1919, Bentley wasn’t the comthatwhich produced the cars that it made today. It was founded to build performance cars to compete in the world’s biggest races where W.O Bentley himself raced. He won over five times in seven years in 24 Hours of LeMans. But thanks to the race victories, the enthusiasts kept the hype of the cars and helped the brand toandto gain more recognition. It helped the brand to produce more innovative and performance cars which were one of the best in luxury. This is why Bentleys are so expensive to buy.

1. Longevitivity

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There is no wonder the company makes one of the best and most powerful luxury ones in the market. The British automaker has excelled in developing some of the most innovative and beautiful cars in the world. The sheer craftsmanship and true-to-hand-made vehicles, made the carmaker develop one of the most long-lasting cars. Bentleys are hand-built with give many many hours to making a single car. Bentley cars are built to last for decades. It is one of the many reasons why Bentleys are so expensive.

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