Top 10 Reliable Mercedes SUVs You Can Buy Used In 2023

Best Mercedes-Benz SUVs To Buy Used

If any of you knew your Middle Eastern uncle, chance are he taught him some life lessons. Waving your wrists in random positions is almost a dance and the bald-pawed look never goes out of style, moreover Mercedes is the best car in world for its first week of operation, then it’s a daily nightmare. The reputation of German SUVs for reliability is not as valuable as it seems to the public. The distinction between reliable cars and their maintenance is often misunderstood. Mercedes parts will always be expensive, this is luxury brand territory. 10 Mercedes-Benz Used SUVs

10. Mercedes-Benz G320 1999

Mercedes-Benz G320
Mercedes-Benz G320

The first working version of Mercedes’ hugely popular fridge on wheels featured a two-door specification to rival the Jeep. Mercedes first attempt in 2023 with a vehicle now priced at $200,000 was a direct competitor to the Jeep Wrangler. Offering rock-solid durability designed to endure the most spartan of conditions survive. The Powered by a free-breathing straight-six, the G320 pumps that all-important 220 lb-ft of torque through a four-speed automatic transmission.

9. Mercedes G550 2020

2020 Benz G550
2020 Benz G550

The G550 is the evolution of the last car without unnecessary engine modifications from the AMG Performance variant. If you have the drag coefficient of a small apartment, the 550’s engine is more than enough to drive through a wall of air and still have efficient propulsion. Both the standard and AMG versions of the G-Class are twin-turbocharge V8s. Common to nearly all top-of-the-line SUVs in Mercedes range, includes the hand-built 63. Top 10 Mercedes-Benz Used SUVs

8. Mercedes GLE 63 AMG 2016

GLE-63 AMG 4 Matic

The Barge Butcher adorns the GLE badge, especially here with full AMG equipment. It is the first SUV in Mercedes history with a coupe body, a choice that appears to be the most desirable body style among all German SUVs. Uses AMG’s favorite powerful V8 engine to move 5.5 liters of air and fuel, which translates to 5,000 pounds in under five seconds.

7. Mercedes GLC 43 2022

GLC 43 4Matic
Benz GLC 43 4MATIC

New for 2022 was undoubtedly Germany’s most stylish SUV, expressing confident AMG design without the constraints of an irrational engine. The facelifted GLC 43 chooses a smooth-running twin-turbo V6 in its front armament, paired with an upgraded 9-speed transmission that prioritizes performance in the top gears and efficiency in the bottom five.

6. Mercedes GLA 45 AMG 2021

GLA 45 AMG 4 Matic

If you’re a die-hard fan of the pocket rocket craze, you might want to take a look at the unfortunate fact that some the A45 AMG, weren’t design for the US market. Happiness shines with the GLA 45 in red, white and blue, although it’s as close as possible to its smaller-platform cousin and sharing the same turbocharged four-cylinder.

5. Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 2018

2018 GLB
2018 Mercedes-Benz GLB

The newest member of the Mercedes-Benz lineup of internal combustion engines is called GLB, which according to Mercedes classification means it’s the most basic specification that hasn’t dropped through the bottom. Maintaining the standard SUV shape with a shorter wheelbase, form of heated and ventilated leather seats, a sleek digital instrument cluster that transitions to touchscreen multimedia and milled metals .

4. Mercedes-Benz GLE 250D 2016

2016 GLE 250
2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 250

Diesels aren’t the flashiest of cars, but they offer impressive and pulling capabilities thanks to high torque, long range and, in the case of the GLE 250, sprung luxury that deserves buyers’ attention. Yes, the air suspension of many early Mercs with this technology again suffer from fatal flaws, but not before the car was hit by a dune or emergency braked by high-speed bumps.

3. Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 2021

2021 GLS 63 AMG
2021 Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG

No longer replaced by the G-Class like Mercedes’ The top-of-the-range, seven-seat GLS is designed for people with children, wives and friends in multiple groups who need a unique experience with the added benefit of putting £6,000 past 60mph faster than it would take to take up to four to count. The GLS 63 is a steal compare to its downsized Maybach counterpart, which still costs forty thousand dollars compared to the GLS’ starting price of $140,000.

2. Mercedes EQB 2022

2022 EQB
2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB

As the electric equivalent of the Mercedes GLB, the EQ iteration brings the Gaffel to life with a softer LED Magic front that opens from the chin for extra storage. For electric vehicles, Mercedes has developed the EQ platform in various conceptual R and D iterations over the past decade, but in practice only since the beginning of 2020.

1. Mercedes Brabus GLK V12 2009

2009 Brabus GLK
2009 Mercedes Brabus GLK V12

With no visible fingerprints on the once-nimble hauler’s paper, the engine has a whopping 750 hp, a hand-built, furious output that nearly doubles its output to an impressive 995 Nm of torque, pushing the GLK V12 to a top speed of 212 mph to bring – that makes it the fastest SUV in the world. I it’s important to remember that the equipment is tailor-made from head to toe to withstand the cruel to withstand numbers and engines Evolve from the SL65, they’re designed to take a passenger plane all day on the Autobahn.

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